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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-16 15:03:00

There was an unfortunate incident with former WWE and ECW star Justin Credible last night at a Blitzkrieg! Pro Wrestling event in Enfield, CT.

According to sources at the promotion, Credible was booked to do a pre-show signing appearance and an in-ring promo but arrived in a condition described as "unable to perform" and was yanked from the show.  Credible, after being informed he was off the show, still hit the ring and took the ring mic, cut a slurring, expletive-filled promo before he was removed from the ring by a good portion of the locker room.

Video of the incident has been making the rounds online today.  In the video, Credible walked around the ring stating that he loves "this business" and that he wasn't hijacking the show and was leaving of his own volition.  An unidentified person connected to the company then yelled at Credible that he was "drunk and disturbing the show" and a "disgrace" and "tells people that you're sober but you're not."  Credible started to respond, muttering on the mic but was continously told to leave.

After Credible was finally removed from the ring, it took a long time to get Credible to leave the venue and into his ride home.

Just last month, Credible publicly praised the WWE Wellness Policy for helping him turn his life around, writing on his Twitter account: "When I retired from pro wrestling I honestly didn’t think I would miss it all that much. The last year of my life has been full of ups and downs. Most of them public. My struggles with addiction have been well documented. I’m pleased to say that TODAY i’m clean and sober.  Through the amazing help of the @WWE wellness program I am able to live a life I never thought possible with gratitude love and compassion. I also want to say that when I retired October 16 2015 I was not the person that you remember as Justin Credible.What I’m basically trying to say is 2018 is going to be the year that I redeem myself. Not only in the eyes of the fans but of my peers. I gave this business everything and in return I got lost along the way as so many do. This is in some gimmick to try to get bookings."

One person who was at the show described the incident as "the saddest thing" they had ever seen and noted they were concerned for Credible's well being.  I can say that after watching the video, so am I.

The promotion later released the following statement:


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