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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-15 10:00:00

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Any insight or concrete information on why Anthem did a 180 degree turn by now letting talent retain their intellectual property from their previous stance? This came out of left field.

I think there were several reasons.  One, they didn't want to continue to fight a legal battle with Matt and Jeff Hardy.  Two, I am told that it was suggested to Ed Nordholm that making such a move would soften the company's public image, which obviously had been suffering greatly due to their hardline stance on the Hardy situation.  Three, with Impact not offering major money contracts anymore at the level and rate they had been, they needed to do something to show good faith to their talent and potential new talents.  By allowing them a chance at TV exposure and the ability to create and cultivate something they could one day take when they move on, Impact is trying to nurture better talent relationships.  I think it was a wise move for them to do so.  If they ever get into a stronger position again, they can always reverse course but Impact, in its current incarnation, needed to make a move like this in my opinion.

Did we ever find out why Emma was released? It didn't appear that that was coming, as she had a competitive match with Asuka prior.

I don't think there was any cause and effect beyond that WWE wanted to trim some of the roster to make room for new names coming up and unfortunately, she was one of the names cut.

Since WWE is trying to make a big pitch into the Indian market could you see them inducting Tiger Jeet Singh into the Hall of Fame in 2018? The guy had a hell of a career & has done a lot of great charity work.

That is an interesting idea.  I could see the company doing it one day, but don't forsee it being anytime soon.

Who was the Max Moon that wrestled Shawn Michaels at the first Monday Night Raw?  Was it Konnan?

No.  It was Paul Diamond.  Konnan had worked as Max Moon but never actually appeared as the character on WWF TV.

Where's Bob Holly?  With all the vets WWE brings back, surprised he hasn't been part of the mix.

Holly lives in Iowa and occasionally still wrestles.  He's popped up a lot for Wildcat Sports in New Orleans.

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