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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-11 12:24:00

WWE 205 Live star Rich Swann was released from Alachua County Jail in Gainesville, Florida yesterday on his own recognizance.

As a stipulation of his release, Swann had to sign a statement agreeing he would abide to an order that he would have "no direct or indirect hostile contact" with his wife, Vannarah Riggs, aka independent wrestler Su Yung.   What that means is that Swann can be in contact with (and even live with) Riggs, but he cannot argue with, belittle, threaten, etc. her.

Swann was told he had to be in contact with court services within 24 hours of his release.   A Judge has been assigned to Swann's case, but there has yet to be a court hearing officially set.

Swann was arrested early Sunday morning 12/10 for false imprisonment/kidnapping and a misdemeanor charge of battery- touching or striking against his wife.   According to the arrest report, the two had been traveling from an event in Gainesville, Florida that Yung had performed at, discussing her match.   Yung had wrestled last night for Fest Wrestling, which ran a venue titled Eight-Seconds.  According to the report, Swann had been criticizing Yung's performance and "began getting angry with her."  Yung, feeling the argument was "going to escalate," got out of their car at 1500 East University Avenue as Swann, who was driving, was in traffic.  Swann yelled for her to return to the car, but she refused and walked away.

At this point, the arrest report claims that Swann, who had left the car as well, grabbed Yung by the arm, then around the neck, putting her in a headlock and bringing her back to the car as she screamed for help.   A witness to the incident told police that Yung was beating on the window trying to get out of the car as it pulled away and that she "seemed very afraid of the Defendant and was trying to get away from him."

A second witness claimed that after Swann exited his car, he failed to put it in park, leaving the car to lurch forward, where it struck a telephone pole on the corner of East University Avenue and Northeast 15th Street.

Based on the location of the arrest (2400 SE Hawthorne Street in Gainesville, Florida), Swann and Yung traveled about a mile away from where the incident took place before Swann's car was stopped and he was placed under arrest.

In the arrest report, authorities stated that Yung told them she was afraid of Swann "because he has a temper sometimes" and that she was scared their argument would escalate into a physical confrontation.  Yung stated that she asked Swann to pull the car over so she could leave the vehicle but he refused, so she waited until the car slowed to jump out of the car.  She told authorities that she was grabbed by the arm and brought back to the car.

After being arrested and having been read his rights, Swann (according to the report) denied ever physically touching Yung and forcing her to return to the car, stating that she did so on her own.  Swann claimed that he only wanted to return home and that they were using the GPS that was on Yung's phone and he "needed her to come with it."  Swann also told authorities that the couple had been together five years and have been married nine months.

WWE immediately Swann indefinitely, citing their domestic abuse policy.  Should Swann be convicted, he will be immediately terminated from the company.

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