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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-13 10:00:00

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Triple H lost to Roman Reigns in Abu Dhabi but beat Jinder Mahal in India.  What sense does that make?

Well, Reigns is the Intercontinental Champion, so he kind of had to retain.  But, I think it’s fair to assume that WWE also wanted him to beat the legend, especially if Reigns will be working Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.  With that said, I see no reason for him to beat Jinder Mahal.  It wasn’t a televised show even.  To me, it would have made much more sense to have Jinder get the win in India, making a big news story in the country and giving the fans there one of their own to cheer for.  Instead, he lost.  Plus had he won, they could have mentioned it on Smackdown this week, saying it gave Jinder momentum going into Clash Of The Champions against AJ Styles.  Instead, they went the other way.

Why are the final shows of Raw & SDL before a PPV called "go home" shows? I can only guess that there aren't any house shows scheduled that week and the wrestlers get to go home for a few days. Did I get that right?

You did not.  Home refers to the PPV show.  The “go home” show is trying to get the viewer to buy the PPV (and in 2017 the Network) to watch it.

The Bludgeon Brothers make me think about what could have been with regards to the Ascension and how they missed the boat since their debut on the main roster with their "Legion of Doom ripoff" gimmick.  And now they have been essentially reduced to comedy characters.  Is it time to repackage the Ascension in order to bring them back and elevate them from being just comedy characters?

Right now?  Probably not.  They have been pretty entertaining in their current roles and it’s hard to just flip that switch and expect people to buy it.  If they are going to try and change the way fans perceive them it will have to be done over time.

It seems that fans holding up signs is very rare @ ROH tapings. Usually, it's only a few people in the front row. Are signs banned from their events?

Nope, they are not banned.  I know people who bring them to shows.

My question, while admittedly an odd one, is really bugging the you-know-what-out of me.  What's up with the way Kurt Angle stands in the ring lately?  He stands with his knees bent and his back tilted backward at the waist?  He looks like he's going to fall over.  Is this weird posture due to his lingering injuries or does he just not like wearing dress pants and a sport coat?

I have noticed that too.  I have seen it when he wrestlers too so I am guessing it’s just due to the rigors of the ring over the years.

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