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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-12 10:00:00

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With Wrestlemania season around the corner, is there any insight as to what the WWE World Championship picture will be like for WM? It's more or less concrete that Raw will have Lesnar defend against Reigns, but do you think AJ Styles will be defending his belt in New Orleans? Or is it a big question mark still?

No one in WWE is saying but right now, it makes sense for AJ to keep it and defend it at Mania.  I think WWE has a tailor made scenario with Lesnar and Reigns, with Roman being the fighting champion and Brock being the part timer, so they could determine AJ’s challenger through the Rumble.  If it were me, at this time and place, I would probably go with Kevin Owens.  But if they can get Shinsuke Nakamura over before the Rumble, I would love seeing him go the distance and work AJ at Mania.

Any insight or concrete information on why Anthem did a 180 degree turn by now letting talent retain their intellectual property from their previous stance? This came out of left field.

From what a number of people told me, it was a financial reason.  A few sources told me that fighting the Hardys on the broken gimmick was costly and Anthem didn’t want to continue to waste money in that fashion.

Did we ever find out why Emma was released? It didn't appear that that was coming, as she had a competitive match with Asuka prior.

It was an odd decision, for sure.  All I was told was that it was made shortly before it was announced.  There was no defining reason or moment that I am aware of.

Assuming Shane does not rejoin the WWE at an executive level, do you think it would be best for HHH and Stephanie to remain behind the camera and have Shane be the face of the company (if he is willing) once Vince finally steps aside?

I think they would be better off off staying off camera most of the time (and I believe they would probably prefer that too).  But, they do need to make at least occasional appearances.  They have a lot of goodwill with the audience.  Plus, there is the USA Network factor.  They like having them on TV and if they ask for it, it will happen.  They have a lot of stroke with the WWE product.

On SD when Randy Orton was fighting Sami Zayn, and KO got hold of the bolt cutter, the ref just kicked it to the side. Why didn't he just kick it out of the ring? Seems so obvious.

Because that isn’t how it was written.  That simple.

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