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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-11 10:00:00

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That segment with Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy on the Dec. 4 Raw was easily the funniest thing I've seen on WWE programming in a long while. It was gonzo, bizarre, and perfect. Two things: was this the feud that Wyatt finally needs to seem relevant and evenly-matched in terms of weirdo gimmickry? Also, how much creative freedom do you think Hardy will get with this Broken/Woken persona in WWE, seeing as it's his character?

I actually said on one of the shows last week that this feud could be perfect for Bray.  He is usually the guy saying the looney stuff and now, he is on the other end.  His facials last week were awesome.  I hope that it helps get him back where I feel he should be on the card.  He is very talented and could be used much better than he has been.  I am sure Matt will have input into the character, but certainly not as much as he did in Impact since WWE’s system is much more rigid.  With that said, no one understand the character more than Matt so I would expect he would get to put his two cents in as to how it’s portrayed.

I know that WWE covers all medical and rehab bills for injured talent. But for smaller promotions with nowhere near as much money as Vince, does that still apply? Does, say, Ring of Honor or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla cover some or all of any medical bills for talents who are injured on the job? Or do indie wrestlers just have to be extra, extra careful?

ROH is part of a HUGE corporation in Sinclair Broadcasting.  They take care of their talents.  With regular indies, that don’t have deep pockets, the talents often are largely on their own when they get injured, especially during the recovery part.

Thank you for what you do and as I always say, the best subscription I have, even during the times when I'm unemployed.  In your expert opinion, what does Billy Corgan need to do with NWA in this present day climate in order for it to be competitive, at least with TNA?  Or do you think supplementing another route of using the library to create interesting documentaries of NWA history like Netflix puts out?  I can think of ways of introducing the history of All Japan Pro, NJPW, CMLL, etc. by way of the NWA.

Wow, thanks for supporting us, especially when money is tight.  That is humbling to hear and I appreciate it.  I honestly don’t think it takes a whole lot to be competitive with Impact right now.  They aren’t exactly setting the world on fire.  If they could get a TV deal that pays well, it would be great.  But in lieu of that I think it makes more sense to do things in a cost effective manner.  The NWA and the footage was available for a while before Corgan bought it and it wasn’t really monetized very well, so I don’t see a huge deal ahead for that.  I think they need to be smart and realize that they need to find a way to garner revenue before they start running shows that could cost them money instead of making them money.

It seems as if Vince had it out for Rowan from Day 1. He was always booked as the"weak link" in the Wyatt Family. If they lost, it's because Rowan got pinned. If they won, it was always either Wyatt or Harper getting the pin.  Now, he's getting much better booking with the Bludgeon Brothers. He's a lot quicker, more monster-like, and more aggressive (if that's possible), and he got the pin this week.  Am I reading too much into this? Was he previously purposely booked as the "weak link" (even if it was just to elevate Wyatt and Harper)? And do you think he'll finally start getting the push he deserves?

I think he was seen as the third wheel and when someone had to lose for the team, it was often him.  And, he had injury issues.  With that said, I think all three members of the Wyatts could have been used better.  I hope they all get the chance.

Have you ever considered putting up an FAQ? Every other day a WWE booking question is asked and the logical answer is always “Vince wants to book them that way.”,  and I remember a few years back people still wondered if there was more than one Ultimate Warrior, etc.  I’m sure you guys see the same questions all the time.

I have but then I said to myself if the people aren’t reading the Q and As every day, they probably won’t read the FAQ either!

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