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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-10 10:00:00

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First off love the site and all that you do.  I know you probably don't hear it enough, but thank you.  With talks of Disney buying Fox properties, specifically Fox Sports, how do you see that affecting WWE when it comes time for them to negotiate a new deal?  Are they better off, is it bad for WWE?

Thank you!  I can never hear words of appreciate enough.  Thank you for your support of the site!  I think WWE is in a great position.  I think that there are a lot of options for WWE with their new deal, including non-traditional places like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc.  We are seeing the same thing we did five years ago, with the stock running up in anticipation of a much better TV deal than they have now.  With us in a new era, where cord cutting is growing and streaming is as well, a product like WWE that brings in a dependable audience is a great product to be able to have.  I believe they will do well on this deal.

Despite the fact that nothing Matt Hardy ever does would be of any interest to me, what is this silliness with a fake accent, and acting crazy? Where are they going with this?

They are having him play the “Broken” character that he created while working for Impact Wrestling.  It may not appeal to you, but a lot of people, myself included, find it to be awesome and extremely entertaining.  Lighten up and give it a chance, you may find you enjoy it after all.

And Jason Jordan. if Creative's point was to make him a huge fool, then they have accomplished that. When I see him with a mike, I either change the channel or mute the sound. But I doubt that that's what they are going for. So what are they going for with him?

You don’t seem to be WWE’s target audience.  I like what they have done with Jordan of late.  They are working on making him a guy who is trying to make a name for himself by fighting, even when injured.  

Is there any reason The Rock is almost 2 years out from his last WWE appearance? I understand he’s a busy guy but there were photos of him all over Orlando during Wrestlemania 33 week, and he was assisting with Fighting with my family at Raw without appearing on camera. There are 2 occasions alone he could have been used. Am I missing some heat from someone?

There’s no heat at all.  Basically, it’s about his schedule and them having the right situation to use him in.  Sure, they would love to put him on TV all the time but he isn’t a full time guy, or even a part time guy.  When they use him, there has to be a reason that both sides think makes sense.  If he isn’t going to be wrestling, that can limit them greatly in what they can do with him.

If WWE ever does a Women's Royal Rumble, don't you think 15 women is too little?  They could easily bring in at least 5-10 more women from the Mae Young Classic and other independents who could make a big impact during the match.  Imagine for example, Jazzy Gabert getting the "Diesel push," or the image of Piper Neven facing off with Nia Jax in the middle of the ring.

At present, no I don’t think it’s too little.  Sure, they could bring up NXT women but much of the audience won’t know who they are, which could hurt the match.  To me it makes more sense to start smaller and then expand down the road.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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