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By Matthew Macklin on 2017-12-07 13:57:00

Over The Top Wrestling present their biggest show of the year this Saturday. Being The Elite at the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland is sold out with 2200 due in attendance with the following card:

- Mark Haskins defends the NLW Championship against Jordan Devlin.  This is one of the biggest matches in Irish wrestling history, as Devlin caps off his incredible by finally getting his shot at the top prize in OTT after two years of waiting.  

A promo video for the match: 

The OTT roster give their thoughts on Devlin vs Haskins: 

- The Young Bucks & Marty Scurll vs Dalton Castle & The Boys

- "The American Nightmare" Cody vs Flip Gordon vs Rey Fenix

- OTT Tag Team Championship: The Kings of the North vs Zack Gibson, Sha Samuels & Charlie Sterling: 

- British Strong Style vs Legit 100 (Curtis Murray, Scotty Davis & Michael May)

Legit 100 were put together as OTT's three most impressive up and comers were selected for an opportunity on the big stage after impressing on a recent OTT Contenders show: 

- Hardcore Match: The Session Moth Martina & Kay Lee Ray vs Angel Cruz & B Cool

- Bobby George Jr vs Paul Tracey: 

- Dark Match: Speedball Mike Bailey vs Nathan Martin

This show will be available at next week.

OTT also has a card at Mandel Hall in Belfast on Sunday. Tickets are still available for "Aftershock" at

- Jordan Devlin vs Speedball Mike Bailey

- The Kings of the North vs Mark Haskins, Flip Gordon & Rey Fenix

- Tucker vs Curtis Murray

- Dalton Castle & The Boys vs Angel Cruz, B Cool and "IM Cool"

- Session Moth Martina & Adam 'Flex' Maxted vs Charlie Sterling & Veda Scott

- Paul Tracey vs The Fabulous Nicky

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