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By Mike Johnson on 2017-12-07 10:00:00

Assuming Ronda Rousey signs with WWE, how do you think they should handle it publicly? Should they announce it (possibly) months ahead of WrestleMania or do it through a "surprise" angle like they did with Floyd Mayweather? One could create a slower build to her eventual match but another could possibly make tons of immediate mainstream press.

I think WWE is a company built around their hype machine, so they should do a huge press conference and run an angle there.  Hype it up to the best of their ability.  They are only going to get one shot at making a huge impact with her debut and first angle.

Where is TJP?

As we reported previously, he is being kept at home to save expenses as the company doesn't have him fit into their creative plans at the moment. 

After NJPW's G1 event in Long Beach, CA, I noticed that that time gap between taping the live event and the American air-date had been dramatically reduced down to about three months. If I remember correctly, it used to be about an eight month gap.  It seems as if they're also airing two shows a week (not too sure, I DVR it and usually try to watch it on the weekends).  Recently, this weekend, they showed four hours of the KPW3 event on the air.  Are they actively working on reducing that time gap even more?

Yes.  From what we understand, the AXS TV has seen there is greater interest in the New Japan content when it is more recent, so reducing the gap is something they are working on.

With all these questions regarding both on RAW and Smackdown, identical storylines of women devision were run 2 nights in a row. I think it might be the start of the build for rumored women's Royal Rumble match? They have about 2 months to make it right. Perhaps after few weeks, all these 6 women will start fighting each other (and the rest of the bunch) to prove who is better and we already have established women on both RAW and Smackdown. Altogether we will have 15 women ready to settle the score in a Royal Rumble match. Your thoughts? 

As we have discussed on Elite audio, there has been at least discussion within the company of doing a 15 Woman Rumble, but it hasn't gotten the green light.  I think it's time they do one, whether that be as part of the Rumble PPV or as a special WWE Network broadcast on its own.  They have the roster and they have the talent.   The women deserve it.  I think if it doesn't happen in 2018, 2019 looks to be a sure thing, at least in my mind.

Any word on Wrestlemania 35's location?

Nothing yet.  34 was originally planned for Metlife Stadium in New Jersey before New Orleans came in and gave WWE an amazing pitch for Wrestlemania to be part of the city's tricentennial year.  My gut makes me think NJ/NYC has the edge over everyone else for 35, but I haven't heard anything official.

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