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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-06 10:00:00

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Whose cornflakes did Finn Balor pee in to deserve being destroyed by everyone?  I would have loved to see him and Joe battle evenly with Joe having to cheat or get disqualified to set up a feud. Instead, Joe dominates him after being destroyed by Kane and Strowman previously. 

That is the WWE way of booking.  If you aren’t at the top of the card they often don’t protect you the way that they should.  They aren’t down on him, it’s just how they do things at times.  If he can stay healthy I think he will get his chance.  If he doesn’t, then that will be the reason he doesn’t get a great push.

Is it possible for WWE Superstars with two wellness violations to have any of them forgiven?

Yes, if a wrestler goes into a rehab program they can remove a strike.

A thought occurred to me in the shower (that great cubicle of brainstorming) and I wanted to ask it for Q and A:  Do you think some of the reason that the booking team is so glad to keep the belt on Brock is out of laziness towards the Lesnar character? Certainly Brock doesn't need the belt at this point, and it could be used to establish some other talent, and yet he retains it. 

No, I think it’s due to the fact that Vince McMahon wants it to go that way, so that is how it is booked.  It’s Vince’s vision that we see on TV. He wants the guy who beats Brock (probably Roman Reigns) to get the rub from winning.  Now, whether that happens we shall see.

What are the determining factors in deciding how much time certain matches get on TV or PPV? Does Vince have the final say?

Yes, Vince has the final say.  As far as timing of matches go, there is discussion among creative and the producers and they decide how long a match will get.

How much influence do the wrestlers have today in changing finishes or determining spots in a given match?

They can pitch things that they want to do in a match and management will hear them out, but they can’t change finishes unless there is a reason that forces them to, such as an injury.

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