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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-04 10:00:00

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After fighting with The Hardys most of the year about the Broken gimmick, Impact is suddenly doing a 180 and allowing talents to take their gimmicks when they leave.  What caused the change of heart?

From what I was told, Anthem doesn’t want to fight in court any longer since it’s very expensive to do so.  I said since Day One of them doing it that it was a huge mistake and they finally have come around to realize that.  It would have been nice if they had done that before spending all the money that they did fighting it.

Vince Russo, who has actually booked segments where he had the announcers tell the audience that the rest of the show is fake but THIS IS REAL, actually went after Pete Dunne about doing things that expose the business?  Is he that desperate for attention?  As you said, he also made himself World Champion, which exposed the business more than anything Dunne ever did.  What gives with this guy?

Vince would probably tell you it was the concussions that he suffered that make him forget the stuff he has done.  Or maybe someone else booked it, not him.  That is another popular Russoism.  Maybe he sent email to the wrong Mike again.  Who knows with him!  My take is that he will say whatever he has to, or have restraining orders put in place against whoever he has to, to get people talking about him.  Part of me feels bad for him but the rest of me thinks about all of the money that he made in the business, as well as all of the problems that he caused for himself that now have him on the outside trying to get back in, and that pity quickly fades away.  Like Jim Croce wrote, “After all it’s what we’ve done that makes us what we are”.  That describes Vince Russo perfectly.

Really? Are we really supposed to care about whatever is going on with Zak Ryder and Mojo Rawley? Why?

They hope that you do.  I want to see what Rawley has as a heel.  I find it somewhat interesting.

A friend told me about a group called the Bone Street Krew and said Undertaker was a part of it. I never heard or seen anything about them. Where were they a part of?

Yes, it is.  He was the leader in fact.  It was his posse. did a story about them.  You can read it by clicking here.

I view the WWE 90 day no compete clause as kind of stupid. For 3 months you can’t work. I understand you have 3 months to do whatever, vacation, family time or whatnot, and you are still being paid for those 90 days, sort of the waiver period for the major sports. I get that. But that’s only a few days. Maybe someone doesn’t want to wait 90 days. Maybe they would want to work in 30. I can understand if maybe a person was released because they were a problem and this was a way to stick it to them, or if they requested it. But if they were released because they simply were not being used, well what’s wrong with a couple weeks or a month? Is the 90 day clause mandatory? Or can a lesser time period be negotiated? Your thoughts? 

Well, it is part of the contract that the talent signs when agree to work for WWE, so they really can’t complain about it after the fact.  With that said, WWE does consider allowing talents on that list to work indy shots.  Their way of looking at it is that they “made” the talents on their TV and they don’t want another promoter using them and making money off of the work that WWE did.  In the case of someone that quits, they usually see no reason to make it easy for that person to make money from the name right away.  And honestly, in most cases the downside that the talent gets paid is more than they will make elsewhere.  It is three more months of good pay that they can count on receiving before moving on to whatever is next.

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