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By Dave Scherer on 2017-12-03 10:00:00

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When Bischoff went head-to-head with Raw and named it Monday Nitro, did WWE consider suing WCW because it sounded like Monday Night Raw?

Not that I ever heard, no.  Also, keep in mind that back then the show was not named Monday Night Raw.  Hour one was actually “Raw Is War” and the second hour was called “War Zone”.

Time will tell if last Wrestlemania really was Undertaker's last match.  We haven't seen him on TV since then, and he was never given a segment on RAW or Smackdown to address the fans, like other recently retired guys such as Flair, Edge, and Daniel Bryan were given.  We will know fairly soon if he has 1 more Wrestlemania match in him, but if his career really is done, are you satisfied with the way it ended and that he didn't get the opportunity for a proper send off on RAW/Smackdown to address the fans and locker room?  Or do you think the ending of Wrestlemania, laying down his ring gear, then never being heard from again on TV, is a satisfactory ending for his career given the nature of his character?

If that was the end, I love it and I think it fits perfectly with the character he portrayed.  I think if we want to get the heartfelt goodbye speech, we will get it when he goes into the Hall of Fame.

We've seen a number of women who competed in the Mae Young Classic appear on NXT TV, but conspicuous by her absence is Shayna Baszler.  Why has she been held off TV?  Do they think she requires more seasoning?  Or are they holding off her debut to coincide with an angle involving the debut of Ronda Rousey?

WWE has a lot of talents signed that we don’t see on TV.  Remember when Braun Strowman debuted?  He hadn’t worked many dates for NXT.  The company is very high on Baszler and given that Rousey has been training at the Performance Center, it’s a solid guess to think that Baszler will be involved with her fellow former UFC sister if/when Rousey debuts.

Have WWE booked Brock Lesnar to be too dominant?  Just over the last few months he’s beaten Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and AJ Styles - perhaps too easily, with just one F5 after a load of suplexes (I accept the Styles match was booked a lot better than the others).  We know all these people are being needlessly sacrificed for the sake of Roman Reigns beating Lesnar at WrestleMania.  But with how Brock has been booked that, and the inevitable kick out from at least one F5, how do they make it seem believable to the point the Mania audience turns on the match (if they don’t right at the start!).  And if Brock stays where do they go from there?  He should be a special attraction, not the Universal Champion who is never around to defend the title.

I agree with everything you said.  I have been very vocal about the dominant way that Lesnar has been booked.  He didn’t even give much of a rub to Strowman.  It makes no sense to me.  If Brock does stay, and I think it’s a wiser move to do so rather than go to UFC, WWE needs to treat him as an attraction.  Having Brock hold the Title belt hostage is not good for the company or the talent that works every show.

When KO walked away from the ring, I knew Sami Zayn would show up. It was so predictable. Why is everything lately so predictable? I seem to be more interested in the promos than I am the actual wrestling, because when you know what's coming, it's hard to get excited about it. Why do you think that Creative doesn't know this...or do they just not care, or are so focused on what they think that nothing else has a chance?

It’s that way because the product is being booked in the vision of the boss, Vince McMahon.  There are plenty of people in creative that could write more compelling stories but they are doing what their boss wants them to do.  It’s that simple.  It’s very clear when one watches NXT’s booking and then compares it to WWE’s that there are people in the company that know how to write compelling TV.  They just aren’t given the parameters to do it.  I also agree that if Vince wants to tell the story that Roman overcame the monster at WrestleMania, with all of the hardcore fans that will be there, tha story probably will not resonate.

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