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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-29 01:16:00

For those of you who missed Smackdown Live, Mojo Rawley turned heel on Zack Ryder, officially ending the Hype Bros team.  

It also appeared that the Singh Brothers were written off Smackdown, losing a handicap match to AJ Styles and then being attacked by Jinder Mahal.  There was talk several weeks back that they were going to be replaced as Mahal's seconds by other talents, but then it quieted down.    The Singhs were originally brought into the company as part of the Cruiserweight Classic and were briefly part of 205 Live before being shifted into the role of Mahal's seconds.

WWE Network ran a Cyber Monday sale, offering former subscribers three months for 99 cents, which is a hell of a deal. 

WWE released the following promo from Triple H promoting his match against Jinder Mahal next month in India:

WWE also released the following videos following Smackdown:




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