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By Dave Scherer on 2017-11-28 09:01:00

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I would like to have your feedback on something.  I understand that the Miz had to lose the intercontinental title because he’s doing movies.  But I was disappointed that they gave it to Roman Reigns. Not that I don't like Roman Reigns, I do. But I would have love to see a guy like Elias win it, it’s not like it’s a major title. And by choosing a « veteran », why not give it to a guy like Matt Hardy? Do you agree with the decision to put the title on Reigns or who would you have given it to ?

There are a two ways of looking at it.  You can say it’s not a major Title, and you could make that point, or you could say, “We can make the Title more important by putting it on a top guy”.  I don’t have a problem putting it on Reigns.  With Brock Lesnar on another vacation, at least we have a top guy on the show holding a Title belt.  I believe it hurts the brand when they don’t have the WWE Title there, so at least this is an attempt to fix that.  Also, it very well could create a scenario where Roman calls out Brock because one of them has been at TV being a fighting champion and the other one hasn’t.

So... did they ever name that owl?

Officially?  No.  But I do know a lot of people that call the own “Ed”.

In the news release  of first Aro Lucha event in Nashville Dec 10th mention Don Harris  as the co-founder and head of production for Arolucha, Inc. He is the same Don Harris as the Harris twins tag team ?

Yes, he is.

What is the reason why Starrcade was not broadcast live on the WWE network?  Are there any plans to release a network special of the show at a later date?  It doesn't make sense that all the fans worldwide who weren't in attendance won't be able to see such a special event.

As Mike Johnson wrote on the site yesterday, “The show was never slated to be a special and was produced as a house show, but WWE did film it with several cameras (they typically film every live event) so they would have it in their archives to offer via the Network down the line if they choose to do so.  The show itself was written by Michael Hayes, who was the person that pitched the revival of the Starrcade name back in June.  We are told that Hayes, realizing that WWE was running Greensboro over Thanksgiving weekend, seized on the importance of the timing and the tradition in the market to pitch that the show be branded as a "Starrcade" event.  Vince McMahon approved the idea and it was announced several months later.  The show was specifically written by Hayes with an eye on paying tribute to names who were important to to the market during the Jim Crockett Promotions era and with throwback graphics for the show.”

Is it just me, or are the 3 women who crashed SD clones of the ones who crashed Raw? I mean, does paige = Ruby Riot....does Mandy Rose = Liv Morgan....does Sonya Deville = Sarah Logan?  Was this intentional, or am I just seeing things?

I think there are similarities but clones?  No way.  Riot and Paige are very distinctive looking.  Mandy and Liv are both pretty, but don’t look the same.  Sonya and Sarah, ditto.  

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