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By Dave Scherer on 2017-11-27 10:00:00

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It seems that WWE has run a few Raws in Florida, especially Miami when it falls on Jan 1st or 2nd. Is it because Vince usually spends the holidays at his place in Boca Raton? 

It could be, or it could just be that Florida is really nice that time of year compared to the Northeast.  Since Vince has his own plane, travel isn’t a big issue for him.  I also don’t know for sure where he spends his holiday time to be honest.  

I know you guys get tons of questions regarding Vince McMahon and his idiosyncratic line of logic... so what's one more? My question revolves around kayfabe, may it rest in peace. Nowadays, with social media everywhere, WWE performers have routinely broken whatever's left of kayfabe by posting pics of faces and heels fraternizing on overseas tours, publicly complimenting wrestlers that they're rivals with in storyline, etc. These 'fabe breaks never seem to usually catch WWE brass' ire, so why is it that Vinnie Mac still occasionally gets pissed off about fourth wall breaks (Lana and Rusev getting legit engaged, faces and heels posing with Luke Harper shirts, etc.) when he himself has done all he could to murder kayfabe and leave it in a ditch?

The reason is simple.  In cases like that, it’s done without the company blessing.  In the case of Lana and Rusev, it was a surprise to the company and they don’t like being surprised.  They like to control the story, not be ambushed by it.

In your opinion, what was the absolute worst angle in the history of pro wrestling? And, if you can think of one, what was the best?

There are so many but I will go with a tie, both involving Vince Russo.  They would be him putting the WCW Title on both David Arquette and himself.  As for the best, there are just too many to say which was best.

Chris Benoit is obviously never heading to the WWE Hall of Fame for absolutely justified reasons. Owen Hart probably (and sadly) isn't likely to be inducted either, unless Martha Hart suddenly has a change of heart. Are there any other wrestlers whose chances of making it in HOF are slim to none thanks to politics or tragic circumstances? I suppose anything can happen considering that even The Ultimate Warrior made it in, but still.

Anyone that was involved in a crime or seedy situation definitely will have a hard time getting in, as they should.  But as you said, WWE has shown that they are willing to make amends with people that really deserve to be in, such as Warrior and Bruno Sammartino.  So I think most people have a chance.  

WWE posts a grand slam champions list today and I can’t help but notice absence of Bret Hart from the list! He was probably one of the first ones to achieve it. Why was he not mentioned?

Probably an oversight, just like JBL was.   I think if Bret cares, he will say something!

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