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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-27 08:33:00

WWE's Starrcade event over the weekend garnered a lot of attention online and a lot of frustration among fans as the show didn't air live on the WWE Network.  The show was never slated to be a special and was produced as a house show, but WWE did film it with several cameras (they typically film every live event) so they would have it in their archives to offer via the Network down the line if they choose to do so.

The show itself was written by Michael Hayes, who was the person that pitched the revival of the Starrcade name back in June.  We are told that Hayes, realizing that WWE was running Greensboro over Thanksgiving weekend, seized on the importance of the timing and the tradition in the market to pitch that the show be branded as a "Starrcade" event.  Vince McMahon approved the idea and it was announced several months later.  The show was specifically written by Hayes with an eye on paying tribute to names who were important to to the market during the Jim Crockett Promotions era and with throwback graphics for the show.

The Starrcade event was a success in that there was a huge bump from the previous event in Greensboro as the market reacted to the show as something special and WWE saw a huge response to the event on social media, far higher than social media material from a "typical" live event.   There's already talk of doing it again next year.

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The Starrcade event featured special t-shirts and poster paying tribute to the first Starrcade event from Thanksgiving night 1983:


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