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By Paul Jordan on 2017-11-26 08:48:00

TMZ caught up with Nick Hogan who was asked about his father at the Thanksgiving table. Hogan says the Hulkster can still put it away.

When the conversation turned to a possible WWE return for Hulk Hogan, Nick said he couldn't really talk about that. But he would love to see it there's a lot of legacy there. The reporter then asked him if his 64-year-old father is too old at this point.

Hogan says it's not about age. He states his father can still kick somebody's ass.  It's more about the injuries bringing up the back surgeries. Nick says the travel was more taxing on his father than anything he doesn't really see a full-time position in the cards but a part-time gig would be good.

He says Hulk loves spending time at home now and he wouldn't want to go on the road full-time.

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