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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-11-25 16:28:00

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

Josh and JB welcome us to the show and run down tonight's show before going back to the 2008 Turkey Bowl between Alex Shelley, Rhino, and Sheik Bashir.  This is clipped and mostly sees Shelley and Bashir double teaming Rhino before turning on each other.  Rhino gores Shelley for the win, earning $25,000 and forcing Shelley to wear the turkey suit.  Mick Foley, the then-commissioner, comes out to remind a reluctant Shelley that he needs to wear the suit, ultimately needing to threaten Shelley's job to get him to put the thing on.

We head back to JB, who is with super chef Robert Irvine, who will draw the names for the lucky suckers who will compete in this year's Turkey Bowl.

Eli Drake, Desmond Xavier, Petey Williams, Trevor Lee, Bobby Lashley, and Allie talk about their favorite Thanksgiving memories.

Back to JB with Robert Irvine and his masterfully prepared Thanksgiving supper.  Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come out to join JB, and turn it into the Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot.  They draw the first name, and it's...Eddie Edwards!

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eddie Edwards to talk about the career milestones he hit, but wearing the turkey suit isn't one of them, and he won't be the guy putting that on tonight.

We go back to JB, Drake, and Adonis, who draws the captain of the other team: Phantasma!  Now McKenzie introduces Phantasma, who doesn't have Thanksgiving in Mexico, and he'll bring the cho-co-late.

We see a video package of Gail relinquishing the Knockouts Title, and a tournament to crown a new champion starts next week.

JB, Drake, and Adonis say we'll draw more names when we come back from commercial.

We go to the stars of Impact Wrestling, who talk about their favorite Thanksgiving foods, then we see a video package hyping next week's show, as the Knockouts tournament begins, Texano Jr faces James Storm, Matt sydal takes on Tyler Dux, Johnny Impact takes on Alberto El Patron, and LAX does a promo.

Back to JB with Drake and Adonis, who send us back to Turkey Bowl 2011 when Eric Young beat Robbie E, who wound up being too badly hurt to wear the turkey suit, so they stuck it on his buddy Robbie T (Rob Terry instead).

JB, Drake, and Adonis draw Allie to join Eddie's team for this year's Turkey Bowl, and McKenzie interviews Allie, who thinks the winners get to wear the turkey suit.

We go back to commercial, then come back to plug the Global Wrestling Network, DVDs of people who don't work ehre anymore, then we throw it back to JB, Drake, and Adonis, who draw Caleb Konley, who gets to now share his thoughts with McKenzie Mitchell.  He's none too happy, but Trevor Lee tells him he better not lose and let the people laugh at him.

Back to the drawing, where Richard Justice, the standby wrestler, gets drawn to Eddie's team.  Justice tells McKenzie how excited he is to get drawn for this match, then the stars of Impact talk about what they're thankful for this year.

Back to the drawing, where KM is added to Eddie's team.  McKenzie interviews our pal KM, who just wants to prove himself to American Top Team.

Next is Laurel Van Ness added to Phantasma's team, and McKenzie gets to chat with Laurel, who is still crazy and wearing a furry jacket to make...I guess what she thinks are turkey noises.

We go to the stars again as they talk about how they would celebrate Thanksgiving when they weren't at the table for turkey.

We go back to last year's Turkey Bowl, where Robbie E avoided becoming a two-time loser by defeating Grado, who ended up enjoying it and dancing in the suit.

Back to the drawing, where Fallah Bahh is added to Phantasma's team.  McKenzie interviews Bahh, who just says "BAHH! BAHH! BAHH!" and "GOBBLE GOBBLE!"

Back to the drawing, as the last entrant on Eddie's team is determined to be Garza Jr.  McKenzie interviews Garza, who is very excited to be involved in this, but he won't lose because of his injury, because Mexican wrestlers never wear turkey suits.

The final entrant on Phantasma's team is...Drake draws it and tries to put it back, but JB won't let him, because the final entrant is...Chris Adonis!  Adonis thinks it's a joke, and JB wishes him the best of luck.  Drake and Adonis leave, and I guess it's time for JB to eat.

We look at more old TNA footage before going to Phantasma's team.  I guess Adonis is the captain now, and he says none of them are wearing turkey suits, and they'll be eating stuffing.  We then go to Eddie's team where he leads them on a similar pep talk.

We go to the arena where JB sets the stage, and then it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

Turkey Bowl 2017: Eddie Edwards, Fallah Bahh, Garza Jr, Richard Justice & Allie vs Chris Adonis, Phantasma, Laurel Van Ness, Caleb Konely & KM

Eli Drake decides to play MC since this is the Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot, he cuts a promo while each team sits down to supper at dinner tables set up at ringside.  He makes everyone pledge to wear the turkey suit if they lose, then has everyone take their place for the match.  The bell rings, and we're off!

Justice and Konley start us off, and Justice beats Konley up and gets a rollup for 1.  Laurel jumps on Justice's back and rides him cowboy, so Allie comes in to take care of her.  They have an exchange as Allie whips Laurel to teh corner, connects with a charging forearm, then hits a diving dropkick as Drake takes his place at the supper table.  KM comes in to menace Allie, but Bahh comes in to face KM.  KM unloads with some shots, then rams Bahh into the corner as we go to commercial.

We come back as Bahh hits a crossbody for 2, then Garza comes in to rip his pants off and cover KM for 2.  Phantasma comes in and drills Garza with a dropkick for 2.  Garza is in peril for several moments until escaping an Adonis bearhug and tagging Eddie in to clean house on Adonis' team.  Everyone winds up brawling in the ring while Josh makes a crack about the 11 year old referee losing control of this thing.  Eddie takes Phantasma out with a dive to the floor, and Justice is blown up.  He recovers so he and Bahh can ping pong KM with right hands and then hit an avalanche sandwich.  Garza eats a spinning backfist from Konley, who then takes out Bahh before getting dumped by Justice.  Justice teases a dive...he pulls the straps down...and he goes to the apron and falls onto everyone, who catches him and holds him until that super heavyweight Allie hits a dive that takes everyone out.  We wind up back in the ring with Adonis and Eddie, who counters an Adonis Lock attempt to a rollup for the win.

Winners: Eddie Edwards, Fallah Bahh, Richard Justice, Allie & Garza Jr

Now Adonis is going to have to wear the turkey suit, and we'll see that...when we come back from this commercial!

We're back, and Drake tries to talk JB out of making Adonis wear the suit, but it's to no avail because everyone took the pledge earlier.  The wrestlers are back at the supper table enjoying this as Adonis tries to leave, but security herds him back to the ring.  He tries to leave until JB gets word that Adonis is contractually obligated to wear the suit, and if he doesn't wear it, Eli Drake is obligated to do it.  Drake comes out and finally talks Adonis into coming back and putting the suit on with all the gusto as past winners showed, and Drake tries to stifle a laugh as Adonis looks mad.  The wrestlers laugh at hmi as the fans chant "gobble gobble" at him.  Adonis goes to the floor and the usual food fight commences as JB complains that he and Robert spent all day making this feast.  Adonis goes to pie someone who ducks out of the way and he hits Drake instead.

Well, that does it for this week's edition of Impact: Turkey Bowl!  I'll be back on Sunday with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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