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By Dave Scherer on 2017-11-24 10:00:00

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I have a question about the new NXT women wrestlers who have appeared on Raw and Smackdown under very similar circumstances. Would it be cool if Paige is behind the whole thing? Taking her frustrations out on the entire WWE, she leads a real Women’s Revolution on the entire roster and not just one specific brand. I just think the attacks felt too similar and would love for it to not be chalked up to laziness on the part of creative.

I would be fine with that.  She was obviously behind the Raw attack.  They could tell a good story with that as the base.

Dolph Ziggler. He’s a great wrestler but I never like to hear him on the mic. He just never connects with me. But I love watching his matches. He really does try to steal the show. I know they have played up both his and Miz’s origins in Cleveland. And I feel Miz has a great affect on wrestlers he is involved with. Have they ever considered an alliance between the two? Not a tag-team, but more of a faction where both are equally important in stature. You build Miz as a potential World Champion, Dolph Ziggler in between World and IC to build tension later and Bo and Curtis as potential Tag-Team champions. And Dolph can really rebuild his heat. Thoughts?

I have never heard of that and it’s pretty clear that they value Miz more than they do Ziggler due to their respective pushes.  I think that tells us all we need to know.  Plus, as you said, promos are Dolph’s weakness and I think that would be a hinderance to them pushing him in that program, especially against a great mic guy like Miz.

What do you credit for the longevity that CZW has been around for almost 20 years?  That is a long time for an Indy. Why do you think?

Without looking at their books, my best guess is that they have been well run and found a way to consistently make a profit.

We saw in the Kevin Owens 365 special that Owens frequently went to Vince immediately post match and received very honest criticism or praise regarding the match he just had.  Is it common practice for wrestlers to ask Vince for his thoughts right after their match?  And does Vince readily offer his thoughts right after a match, or does he normally not say anything to a talent unless asked?  
There really is no “typical” in WWE as the roster is made up of drastically different personalities.  Vince is there to offer a critique to those that ask him.  He will also offer it to those that don’t if he feels it needs to be done.

Physically, Mandy Rose and Liv Morgan look extremely similar, especially from the neck up.  Do you think one or both of them should take steps to differentiate her look?  Or do you think WWE should run with it and pair them up as a team?

Neither.  While I can see a resemblance between them, I don’t see them as doppelgängers so I don’t see any need to use them in tandem.  Honestly, I think John Cena and Darren Young look more alike and they never made them relatives.

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