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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-23 10:00:00

Why does WWE keep misuising Becky Lynch? They booked her horribly as champion, she’s harldy done anything all year, and they eliminated her like a jobber in the women’s elimination match at Survivor Series.

While I would agree they haven't used her in a prominent role over the last year, they did just cast her in a WWE Studios movie, so they obviously have faith in her.

One more question on entrance fireworks.  Without spending any money, couldn't they have the sound effect and a lighting effect occur when, for example Brock Lesnar, is out on the ramp and drops his arms waiting for the big bang and nothing happens?  Seems like an easy effect to pull off.

WWE could do that, but I don't think that's what they would do.  My guess is we won't see fireworks again until Wrestlemania 34.

McIntyre vs Almas was a great match. But was Almas going over the planned outcome? He looked legit shocked by his victory and it made me wonder if there was any chance Drew knew his injury was pretty bad and either couldn't or chose not to kick out on the pin. 

That was the planned finish to the bout.

Why did WWE run near identical storylines one night apart with the 3 women on Raw and the 3 women on Smackdown? It seemed really odd. And I felt bad for Riot, Logan, and Morgan since they came off as a rip off Angle without the star power of the returning Paige. 

I don't think we know the answer to that one yet.  As odd as the idea may be, perhaps all of the women are in cahoots?  The two segments were quite similar, but we will see if that continues.  I think the positives of the debuts overshadows the somewhat repetitive nature of the segments.

What's next for James Ellsworth?

90 days of WWE paychecks followed by independent bookings.

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