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By Dave Scherer on 2017-11-21 10:00:00

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I question people who assume NXT stars should easily defeat WWE stars, but I remember WWF Spotlight shows when they had wrestlers struggle against wrestlers like Lanny Poffo. Ricky Santana had a competitive match with the Nature Boy Ric Flair as Flair was set to main event Sting. These were jobbers. Emma isn’t. Neither is Dolph Ziggler. And a NXT Star is not a main event we in the WWE just because he or she was one in NXT. Lonzo Ball was a star in college, but he struggles in the NBA despite also being the youngest player to record a triple double. If you are also a sports fan, you should appreciate a wrestler navigating the big leagues.

I question people who don’t understand that there is a big difference between what you mentioned and how someone is booked in their first appearance.  I also question people who don’t understand that to a huge chunk of the WWE audience, the first impression a debuting talent makes stays with them.

I don't understand why people say that all NXT talent is buried on the main roster. I agree that some are not utilized well when they first come up but everybody, including you gentlemen at PWI, seem to forget that The Shield was an NXT product that was booked very solid when they came in.  Others have taken a little time to be involved in bigger storylines but guys like Big E, Xavier Woods, and the Usos are having great success right now. Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte are all on top of the Women's division. Heck, when you take a close look at the roster, most of it has been through NXT! Storylines are not always great but you can't deny that most of the NXT talent is making an impact. Your thoughts?

We never said that all of the talent from NXT has been buried on the main roster.  Never.  What we do is point out when talent from NXT isn’t used as well as it should be.  Existing talent on the rosters often aren’t used as well as they could be either.  Part of being a great booker is protecting your people.   WWE doesn’t always do that.

I noticed Cesaro did his promo on RAW this week with his mouthpiece in, which led to his speech being muffled.  Is he required to wear the mouthpiece all the time for a period of time since the injury to his front teeth, or has he simply just decided to incorporate the mouthpiece into his gimmick permanently?

At this point he is still recovering from his mouth injury and wearing braces.  So, they keep the mouthpiece in to keep that covered up.  Cesaro is as tough as anyone I can ever remember working through that injury.  He is a tough, tough man.

Judging by the reaction to Jason Jordan on this week's RAW, it seems that the fans may be starting to turn on him.  In response to a previous question of mine, you shot down the idea of a Jordan heel turn.  If the fans continue to turn on him and you don't think he would succeed as a heel, where do you go with him from here?

I think you have him come out and tell Kurt Angle that he doesn’t want any favors and wants to do things on his own.  Basically, he would be best to divorce himself from Kurt.  Like, if Kurt gives him an IC Title shot for example, he says no.  He says he doesn’t feel he has earned it and he wants to go out an earn it.  They could have him take on some big guys, like Braun Strowman and put up a solid fight, but lose.  The fans clearly don’t like the way he has been used since the angle was done, so it makes sense to try and let him show he is a man, not someone who got lucky.

How much do you think CZW is worth as a company?

Without looking at their financial numbers I have no way of making a reasonable assessment.

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