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By Dave Scherer on 2017-11-20 10:00:00

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I just read a question on your website regarding why most NXT talents tend to be booked poorly on the main roster and I think that Vince McMahon is not the only higher-up who's responsible but also Kevin Dunn is as well. Like McMahon, Dunn prefers homegrown WWE Superstars like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Brawn Strowman and Roman Reigns who don't have much experience in the indies while it has been said that Dunn, like McMahon is not a fan of indie talents. Your thoughts?

Vince has his idea of what a WWE superstar is and he looks for that in any talents that come up.  A lot of the “indy” guys don’t have the physical look of the people you mention.  I think it’s more about look than anything else.

Since WWE Network has covered the Monday Night Wars so in depth, when will they do something that in my mind is much more intriguing and less talked about,  Black Saturday? Has there ever been any talk about a documentary or collection about it? 

I haven’t heard any rumblings about doing it.  Personally, I would watch it but I don’t think it would have the kind of appeal that a Monday Night Wars broadcast does as it happened many years earlier.  I think they need to focus on things that will draw for them.

With Hall of Fame season being just around the corner (and it being inevitable to happen sooner than later)... Do you think this will be the year that the greatest manager of all time and world renowned king of wrestling, Kenny Star-Maker Bolin will finally take his rightful place as the capstone of the entire WWE Hall of Fame?


My question relates to Hogan & Bischoff’s time in TNA. I was watching the Ric Flair 30 for 30 and seen clips of him in TNA. Arena full, big names like Styles, Sting, Angle all competing and out of the impact zone. I also recall Impact having almost 2 million viewers and being on the road from time to time in front of big paying crowds. Compared to were TNA is now, how on earth do Bischoff and Hogan get such a bad rap? It is literally the most viewed period in their history under their watch including paying crowds out of Orlando?

They weren’t appearing in front of large, paying crowds, that’s how.  If they were, and the money being spent was bringing in more than was going out, they would still be there.  But in fact, that isn’t what happened.  You aren’t remembering the whole story.

I see the side of the opinion where debuting NXT wrestlers having competitive matches on the main roster hurt them because it shouldn't be so hard to beat current "mid-carders". But I see the other side where a competitive match can be great for both wrestlers. Take Nakamura's NXT debut against Sami Zayn. At the time, Zayn was on his way to the main roster and not in a main eventer role. However, their match was phenomenal and highly competitive, to where both had a ton of offense/defense. But it didn't hurt Nakamura one bit. And it also helped Zayn as he moved on to Raw. Thought or on how the main roster can translate that?

Here’s the difference, Sami was hot in NXT when that happened so it was believable that he could compete with Nakamura.  Because Sami was over, that match worked.  And, it was competitive.  When Nakamura came to the main roster, Dolph Ziggler was cold and booked as a loser.  Then, he dominated 3/4 of the match.  That is the big difference.  Nakamura having so much trouble with a cold act just told the fans that Nakamura is nothing special.  That is a bad way to book a guy’s debut, especially one as talented and unique as Nakamura.

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