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By Dave Scherer on 2017-11-19 10:01:00

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Am I the only one annoyed at the announcement from RAW that HHH is the final team member? I get they think the announcement will increase viewers, but it looks really bad to me.  For a start, Steph comes out last week and totally rips into Kurt, threatening his job and doing her usual nonsense where she cant look bad. Then we're told Kurt will be part of team RAW. HUGE announcement. I worry for his health when he's in the ring, but still huge. Smackdown has amateur stuntman Shane, throwing crap punches and out wrestling better wrestlers cause he's a McMahon.  Then Smackdown adds John Cena to their team, and now Steph says we need another name on RAW, so here comes HHH. Which to me says that in her mind, and WWE's mind, Kurt Angle is only equal to Shane McMahon. John Cena is a huge threat, and the only person possible able to combat this, is a retired HHH. Which is many ways devalues every member of the team, and the rest of the roster.  It just seems like they want to make this about the McMahons more than anything, and its annoying, and really stupid when Steph wants to fire Kurt, but is putting her husband on the team to help save him... and a waste of time, when the match will more than likely end with a Zayn/Owens interference anyway and devalue the whole thing.

If you thought about it logically, you could make the exact point you did.  With that said, since H was replacing Jason Jordan they can certainly make the case that they needed to match the Cena move.  Yes, they are saying that Angle is equal to Shane but they see that as a huge positive, not a negative.

What about Anderson and Gallows involving in AJ vs. Brock, leading AJ to victory, then Raw firing both and both go to Smackdown and The Club reforms?

I see no chance of that happening and frankly, it wouldn’t make sense.  AJ is a babyface now and a guy who does things on his own.  Gallows and Anderson are great but haven’t been booked the way I would have used them in WWE so if they helped AJ like that, I think it would just lead to groans from the fans.

I personally LOVE Baron Corbin.. and since around 2015 he has really really grown on me. I really like him as a character/heel.. and I rather quite enjoy watching him in the ring with his brawling big man based style w/nice mobility. Do you agree that he definitely has plenty to offer?

I do, I have been on his bandwagon since his late days in NXT.  I think they have something in Corbin and I hope they use him properly.

A subject that often comes up is the question of logic with regard to booking e.g. "What happened to the 30 day title defence rule?" or "Why are Ziggler and Roode suddenly on the same side when they've been beating the tar out of one another for the last several weeks?". Episodic TV shows used to, and may well still do, have someone on the staff whose responsibility was "continuity" i.e. making sure that the script didn't suddenly become nonsensical like someone being in a different place without some explanation of how they got there or being dressed differently. Should WWE be doing this sort of thing, or don't they care? Or does Vince consider that to be beneath his product? After all, if he considers it to be "entertainment", shouldn't it be produced as such?

If you ask me?  Oh yeah I think that they should have a continuity person.  I have been saying that for years.  However, Vince McMahon doesn’t think that they need one so that is the way it is.

I was wondering about why you guys think the WWE uses so much LED lighting on their shows? I understand the need for making the show look like no other, but for the love of God, the ring apron AND ringposts? The way this is going, we're going to be having LED ring ropes next year. (Hope nobody from WWE reads this and gets ideas). I don't know about you guys, but I really dug the grittier look back in 1997-98. No beaming lights on the crowd, no LEDs, I mean after all, it's pro-wrestling. I get WWE wants to show off their high production values, but when it's too much, it's too much. What do you guys think?

There you have the difference in views, you see it as Pro Wrestling, they see it as Sports Entertainment.  They want to look like a sports product.  I grew up with less lighting too but I like the presentation now.  It’s a TV product and I like being able to see what they are doing out there.  So, I have no issues with it.

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