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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-18 09:59:00

Didn't Ric Flair have some unresolved legal issues that kept him out of North Carolina?

There was a warrant out for his arrest because he owed his former wife money but that situation was resolved and the warrant was rescinded.

With Flair suing his manager over money owed, do you think it was karma given he was sued by Cary Silkin for taking money from ROH and no-showing?  Did Silkin ever get his money?

I could see how someone would feel that way.  Silkin, to date, never got his money back.  ROH did sue Flair but when Sinclair Broadcast Group purchased the company, that suit was dropped.

Ok so I'm not sure if you guys are getting lots of questions regarding this but I'll ask anyways. What is the real reason behind WWE canceling night 1 of the India event? They claim they want to make it 1 supershow which looking at the card doesn't really scream supershow. A supershow would be a loaded card from both brands. The fact that the fans can exchange their tickets for the 2nd show tells me they over estimated the Indian market and tickets didn't sell very well.  Am I reading too much into this?

No, I don't think you are.  Common sense dictates that if they could move the tickets for two nights, they wouldn't have canceled the show.  What appears to have happened is the India sales were slugglish so they moved the second show to the U.A.E. where that market could support the interest.

Why was Samoa Joe removed from the main event of Madison Square Garden?

I don't think it was a knock on Joe, but just WWE consistently changing the lineup for the show, as they always seem to do when they run the Garden.

Hideo Itami, who really started to (finally) hit his stride in NXT since going heel, has been relegated to live events and hasn't been used at the last 2 tapings.  Best guess, does he: a). Ride out his contract on live events and return to Japan? b). Show up on 205 Live? c). Return to NXT TV, perhaps with TM-61? d). Something else entirely?

There are plans for Hideo to be moved up to the Raw/205 Live roster.

Will Starrcade now be an annual event?

I don't believe WWE has made that decision yet.  I think if they move a far greater amount of tickets than they usually do in the market because of the name,  could see them bringing it back for another round.

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