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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-17 21:09:00

In advance of his appearance at tonight's Ring of Honor event in San Antonio, Texas, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell tweeted:

Amell, who portrays Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, is a lifelong pro wrestling fan who petitioned on social media for a long time to get involved with WWE, noting he would even wrestle if they let him guest-star on Raw.  This led to him doing several angles with Cody Rhodes, who at the time was performing as Stardust, leading to a Summerslam 2015 bout where Amell teamed with Neville to defeat Bad News Barrett and Stardust.

Amell's friendship with Rhodes led to the current ROH champion appearing several times on "Arrow" as Derek Sampson, a drug dealer behind a drug titled "Stardust," who in his debut appearance, gained super-powers that included an inability to feel pain as well as super strength. 

In his Tweet, Amell is wearing a  "Vigilante Club" shirt, playing off of Bullet Club, in keeping with the theme that his character is a vigilante protecting Star City.  The shirt is available now at

Amell is appearing at the ROH event tonight in part to help strengthen the event after WWE NXT announced a live event for the same night in San Antonio months after the Ring of Honor had been on sale.

Arrow is based on DC Comics' Green Arrow character and is in the midst of it's sixth season.  The show has been popular enough over the last five years to launch three (and counting) spin-off series.  

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