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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-16 14:42:00

The biggest "will it or won't it?"question we've received about Wargames was answered today when Triple H, in his media call, confirmed there will not be a roof on the Wargames this Saturday at Takeover: Wargames.

Before Takeover goes on the air, WWE will tape UK champion Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano and Sonya Deville vs. Ruby Riot will be taped for next week's WWE NXT TV.

The debut episode of WWE 365 featuring Kevin Owens will be narrated by actor and director (and big wrestling fan) Michael Rappaport.

Set for next week's edition of Total Divas: "A fight breaks out between Lana, Nattie and Nia when their critique of each other’s wrestling skills becomes too personal. A 3rd home robbery pushes Maryse to want to relocate immediately, but Mike refuses to move. Meanwhile, Brie begins donating her breast milk to babies in need, but struggles to keep up with the demand."

We are told issues between Lana and Natalya will be a centerpiece of additional episodes this season as well.

If anyone is attending the Wrestlemania Party tonight in New Orleans, we are seeking live reports.  You can email me by clicking my name above.

Our friends at are now seling a deluxe stretcher accessory:

Finn Balor is doing a signing this Saturday 11/18 to help promote the Survivor Serie at 5 PM in Pasadena, Texas at the Walmart Supercenter (5200 Fairmont Parkway) Pasadena, TX.   For more information, call (281) 998-1077.

Former WWE star Shane "Hurricane" Helms will be signing at the New Jersey Comic Expo this weekend in Edison, NJ.

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