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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-16 10:00:00

Do you feel that re-introducin War Games under the NXT banner is the right move or would it better purpose the main card? Also, what other past stipulations from any promotion would you like to see return/debut in WWE? Personally, I think Battle Bowl could work great in NXT.

To me, Wargames was always the ultimate WCW match.  I think the Wargames isn't something WWE would invest in unless they intend to bring it to main roster eventually.  I don't see WWE doing this but I always liked the three ring battle royal concept. I don't see them bringing it back, however.  I DO wish they'd bring back Halloween Havoc.  That was an awesome idea.

With AJ now facing Brock and Mahal seemingly without a match at SS, what's the likelihood that Mahal costs AJ the match against Brock protecting Styles from the clean pinfall and setting up a future match for Mahal to attempt to regain the world title? While I'd prefer a competitive clean Styles vs Lesnar match, I don't think AJ taking another clean PPV pinfall, now as champ, would be a good thing. 

I don't believe Mahal will be a defining factor in that match.  Why can't Styles capture a surprise win over Lesnar?

I see the side of the opinion where debuting NXT wrestlers having competitive matches on the main roster hurt them because it shouldn't be so hard to beat current "mid-carders". But I see the other side where a competitive match can be great for both wrestlers. Take Nakamura's NXT debut against Sami Zayn. At the time, Zayn was on his way to the main roster and not in a main eventer role. However, their match was phenomonal and highly competitive, to where both had a ton of offense/defense. But it didn't hurt Nakamura one bit. And it also helped Zayn as he moved on to Raw. Thought or on how the main roster can translate that?

I think that match worked because of the audience it took place in front of, which was diehard fans who had all traveled to Dallas for Wrestlemania weekend who knew and loved both talents.  The problem with competitive matches for debuting NXT talents is that if WWE wants these new talents to make a splash, having them go 12-20 minutes with mid-card talents who have been exposed as not being "important" only pulls the debuting talent down. 

I understand WWE not promoting NXT as an equal brand to RAW and SDLive but with it being a selling point of the Network, I feel they are missing opportunities in acknowledging it. On RAW they continuously aired a graphic for a "star-studded" 5v5 match that has the last four NXT champions. Balor and Joe teamed when they won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic. Couldn't they promote the brand a little by acknowledging the top guys who are fresh out of of there?

I wouldn't promote NXT as hard on the main roster as you envision but certainly they could add exposition and background to some of the stories by referring to them.  It all comes down to what Vince McMahon wants to present for his product.

You reported the word was Paige would be returning at Raw and could even be part of Team Raw.  There was no sign of her.  Why should I believe anything you report going further?

She was there.  She made it public she was there.  She wasn't used.  There was talk of using her and over the course of the day, they changed direction.  On Sunday, Triple H wasn't on Survivor Series.  By Monday night, he was.  That is the nature of WWE producing a live product and trying to come up with the best direction in that moment. 

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