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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-16 08:57:00

Staffers at the Impact Wrestling Nashville office began to be let go yesterday, has confirmed.  We are told that there were "support staff" let go as the company begins to fold Impact's offices into Anthem's existing infrastructure in Toronto. 

As noted yesterday, Aro Lucha, the new promotion being launched by former Impact Wrestling minority owner Aroluxe named Konnan as the head writer for its potential series.  We are told that Konnan actually informed Impact management prior to Bound for Glory weekend about the position and that as of now, he hopes to do both projects.  Konnan's top priority is obviously the health of the CRASH lucha libre promotion.  Working with Aroluxe and Impact at the same time allows for him to funnel CRASH talents into each company.

No new update on the Don Callis situation.

The continuation of Lucha Underground will not have a profound effect on their talents that are currently working for Impact.  LU intends to ease off on the contractual restrictions when they are not taping in order to let talents appear on other televised promotions.

Ethan Page, formerly with EVOLVE, will be coming in as Chandler Park, the storyline cousin of Joseph Park.

There's been talk of Impact being interested in using LU star Brian Cage of late.

Sonjay Dutt has been taking an increased role in all aspects of the management of the company.   One source noted they wouldn't be shocked to see him taking the lead in booking going forward.

Paul Jordan sent the following videos:

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