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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-14 08:24:00

CZW issued the following:

CZW Cage of Death 12/9: Page-Strickland-Gacy; Tremont-Lloyd 10,000 Tack Pits - Combat Zone Wrestling's largest event of the year, "Cage of Death" returns Saturday, December 9 at Rastelli's Complex, 1855 Hurffville RD in Sewell, NJ at 8 pm!

As announced on Saturday:

After Joe Gacy unveiled Alex Reynolds to be one of his revolutionaries, the chaos led him to become the new CZW World Heavyweight champion! Rickey Shane Page then cashes in his Ultimate Opportunity Coin, leading him to become the NEW CZW World Heavyweight champion and giving a rematch to Gacy and Strickland at Cage of Death.

Inside the Cage of Death on December 9, champion Rickey Shane Page vs. Shane Strickland vs. Joe Gacy!

Also, after Jimmy Lloyd defeated Brandon Kirk in the Squared Circle of Sacrifice, Jimmy Lloyd then challenged Matt Tremont.

At Cage of Death, it's a 10,000 Thumbtack Pits Match between Jimmy Lloyd and "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont!

More to be announced soon!

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Tickets: or, day of, at the door. Show support on Facebook at

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