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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-13 15:18:00

There's been some rewrites over the course of the day for Raw.  At one point, there was slated to be a MizTV with Cesaro and Sheamus that would lead to a six man tag against The Shield, but that was later changed and instead WWE released a video where Mike Rome announced the match.

Brock Lesnar is backstage and his segment is slated to feature the WWE Universal champ "reacting" to the fact he is now facing AJ Styles at the Survivor Series PPV.

Paige is backstage but there's no word on her role for Raw as of this writing.  One talent pointed out to me that Paige posting on Instagram she was back on the road for the company was probably the worst idea she could have had if she was trying to stay under the radar and just get back to work.  Whether that posting actually had any factor on how she may or may not be used, I haven't heard.

A number of Raw talents were told they are going to Smackdown tomorrow.  We noted over the weekend that the Shield were already set to go, but we are told there will be other male and female Raw roster members going to Charlotte for the Survivor Series PPV go home show.  If and when we confirm additional talents, we'll report them.  What's one more day on the road after that long tour schedule?

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