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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-13 13:39:00

While the expectation in recent weeks has been that former WWE Cruiserweight champion Neville was on his way out of World Wrestling Entertainment, sources within the company have told that there have been recent positive discussions between Neville and the company.   

There is a belief among some in the company that talks have gone so well that Neville could actually be returning to action for WWE before the end of the month.  One source even believed Neville could be back as soon as this week, but has (as of this writing) not been able to confirm that.  Obviously, we will see if that is soon the case.

Neville quietly disappeared from 205 Live storylines last month amongst stories that he had walked out of Raw after balking to losing a match to Enzo Amore. quickly debunked the walkout story as Neville was never even on the road that week.  We later reported in the Elite section that the idea that Neville had refused to put over Amore again was shot down, specifically because the two had become close friends and regularly socialized away from WWE events.  

WWE sources immediately denied that Neville had been released from the company, he was later removed from the 205 Live opening.    At that time, however, two different sources told that Neville had pushed for a WWE release with the idea of leaving the company and building his name outside of it, similar to what Drew McIntyre did prior to his return to NXT.  

As we reported at the time, until Neville was actually released, there was always a chance that the two sides could come to terms, paving the way for his return to the company.  If what we are hearing is correct, that road has been paved.

Neville has been with the company since signing a WWE developmental deal in July 2012.

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