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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-13 17:20:00

The Highspots Wrestling Network will be presenting a live, interactive broadcast  later today with Bullet Club members Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll and Adam Page taking part in the streaming service's "Ask the Elite" - a live, interactive event available for subscribers of the service.  The live event will begin tonight at 7 PM EST and is scheduled to run until 11 PM.  To subscribe, visit

The streaming service has also added the following new content:


Casino Royale 2017 at CAC:

Bobby Hart vs. Kikutaro

Andrew Anderson & NWA North American Heavyweight Champion Mustang Mike vs. Wild Horse & Sam Houston

USA Championship Wrestling Show #23 - 11/11/2017

We are one week away from Tennessee Homecoming at the Oman Arena in Jackson, TN. Saturday night November 18th we will salute the veterans and have an awesome show. But on today's show (equally awesome) it is filled with action and conflict. Steve Murphy and KC Gold call all the action. It starts off with a recap of the show and Dixie Dynamite faces one half of the USA Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions, the Coastal Cowboys' Brian Valor. The Young Lions take on Brandon White and Jaxon Hawx. We get a paid advertisement from The Lover Boy Matt Riviera espousing his worth in the wrestling business. While Bert Prentice welcomes two new sponsors to our show, Matt Starr and his insurance policy, Bam Bam Bundy, find it necessary to interrupt Bert. Christian James joins in the mess and only after Nathan Starr, Shawn Hurley and Jacob Law come out to even the odds, does it get turned into a massive six man tag team match! Danny Dollar returns to give us an update on his condition and issues a challenge for Oman Arena to meet Bam Bam Bundy to pay him back for attacking him on the show two weeks ago. Blake Christian meets Tyler Jordan in a fast paced match. Bert Prentice talks to Jason Gillaspie about the TLC Match and the upcoming Falls Count Anywhere Match on Nov. 18th. Bert interviews Criss Gage and is rudely interrupted by Lucky P. Larson, Esquire and LT Falk who make some inflammatory accusations about Promoter Tom Simon holding LT's career back. They get their answer.

Smash Wrestling Episode 17

*Halal Beefcake vs Well Oiled Machines vs The Kevin Bennett Experience

*Tyson Dux vs Jay White

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