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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-13 10:30:00

With the seventh season of Total Divas ongoing for th E! Network, the following episode details have been released for the season:

“Breaking all the Rules” Airing 11/15 - "Trinity goes behind WWE’s back and alters her championship in order to give it a glow, meanwhile Lana pulls a similar stunt by posting a photo that could get her fired.  Brie recruits Nicole to go on a road trip to San Diego with a breastfeeding infant in the car, and Carmella & Cass visit Los
Angeles and live a day in the life of Maryse and The Miz."

“The Diva Divide” Airing 11/22 - "A fight breaks out between Lana, Nattie and Nia when their critique of each other’s wrestling skills becomes too personal. A 3rd home robbery pushes Maryse to want to relocate immediately, but Mike refuses to move. Meanwhile, Brie begins donating her breast milk to babies in need,
but struggles to keep up with the demand."

“The Bella Rush” - Airing 11/29 - "Lana hosts a Name's Day party for Rusev in Nashville but isn’t ready to give him what he really wants as a present. Nattie buys her parents a house, but soon realizes they are the
tenants from hell. Meanwhile, the Bellas miss the adrenaline rush of wrestling and try to find a fix to replace it."

The current season is scheduled for 11 episodes, so there will be six additional episodes after what we mention above.

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