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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-12 11:49:00

After Smackdown placed Raw "Under Siege" several weeks ago, a number of readers have noted that it looked really weak that Raw never responded.  A big reason for that was due to the WWE's touring schedule, the two rosters were never available on the same night.

In fact, the only date since the initial angle where the two rosters would both be technically available to appear on the other's TV series would be this Tuesday's Smackdown Live taping in Charlotte, NC, the final broadcast before the Survivor Series PPV. has confirmed that at least three members of the Raw roster, The Shield, are slated to be at this Tuesday's Smackdown taping, obviously to help build to the planned New Day vs. Shield bout at the 11/19 PPV in Houston, Texas.  Whether additional members of Raw appear still remains to be seen, but that would be the last opportunity for the red brand to get some measure of revenge, so stay tuned.

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