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By Gasper McShane on 2017-11-12 09:41:00

ROH in Fort Lauderdale thoughts and results:

*Women of Honor: Rain defeated Brandi Rhodes.  Brandi is gorgeous but still needs work.  

*Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser defeated Coast 2 Coast.  Young and Bruiser are such a great throwback act.

*Jonathan Gresham defeated Josh Woods and Simon Grimm in a three-way.  Solid.

*Punishment Martinez defeated Shane Taylor.  Hard hitting.  

*Best Friends, Trent & Chuckie Taylor defeated The Addiction & Bullet Club's Marty Scurll & Hangman Page in a really great three way.  Best Friends are absolutely awesome.  They were one of the best acts on the entire show.  Just great athletics and something really fun about their chemistry.  It's nice to see Taylor finally has a home somewhere.

*The Dawgs defeated War-burger (a makeshift team of Cheeseburger & Hanson).  Lots of spots where Hanson tossed Burger around for offense.  As heavyweights go, Hanson may be the most underrated of all the "Hoss" style guys out there right now.    

*ROH Tag Team champions The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Kingdom's Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan in an OK match.  Just felt like it was there.

*Matt Taven defeated Flip Gordon.  This really kicked the show back into gear.  Gordon's aerial timing is out of this world and he's going to be the next "it" guy that ends up building a huge following and/or ends up on the New Japan tours.

*ROH World champion Cody defeated Rocky Romero with Cross Rhodes in a great match that actually including Rhodes taking bumps into thumb tacks.  You could see Cody was working hard to try and overachieve here.

*Dalton Castle & Jay Lethal & ROH TV champion Kenny King defeated The Elite (KennyOmega & The Bucks) in a great match that featured some comedy from Bullet Club followed by lots of big spots.    Elite is a top notch act on an indy plane.  They will be able to do this stuff forever and make money, even when they get older and the big crazy dives and stuff catch up with them.  You knew you were seeing something special before your eyes.  

Overall, this is how good the show was.  I wasn't going to Lakeland last night when I walked into Lauderdale.  By the main event, my friends and I decided that we were driving this morning to Lakeland.  

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