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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-11 10:00:00

There's been rumors of a Hulk Hogan return to WWE.  Anything to it?

The belief of those I've spoken to over the last year is that it's just a matter of when a return happens.  Hogan winning his lawsuit, showing that the material that was published by Gawker was stolen and not something he was involved as a publicity stunt did soften some of the stance against him.  The bigger issue has been and will be whether WWE's TV partners and sponsors would be adverse to Hogan returning due to the video of him using the "N" word that was leaked.  WWE didn't separate themselves until that material came out.  Until they feel it is safe to work with Hogan, you won't be seeing him involved in any aspect of WWE programming, but it's just a matter of time.

Since they took him out of the Hall, can they induct him again?

Hulk Hogan was never removed from the WWE Hall of Fame and neither has anyone else.  They pulled Hogan from the WWE website, including his Hall of Fame profile.  Since then, all of the Wrestlemania programs that have been published have listed Hogan in the Hall of Fame, including photos of him.  Hogan has claimed they erased his career and his induction, but that always came off as a way for Hogan to make himself sympathetic to me.  It was never actual fact.

Why did WWE never bring in Brooke Hogan?

I don't think Brooke was ever serious about being in professional wrestling.  She was recruited to TNA by Dixie Carter with the idea that Dixie would help her made progress in the country music scene.  Brooke even moved to Nashville to do so, but nothing ever came of it.  She is still pursuing music.

Do you think WWE Network, when they bring Hogan back one day, will relaunch Hogan Knows Best or even acquire the old episodes?

NO. I don't think anyone from the Hogan family wants to revisit that era.

Hogan vs. Beefcake on Twitter, work or shoot?

The two haven't been friends for years, so I am leaning towards shoot.

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