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By Himanshu D. on 2017-11-10 07:44:00

New Japan Pro Wrestling is set to air in India.

Discovery Communications has announced that they have agreed to a deal with the promotion to broadcast New Japan Pro Wrestling on their new channel DSport, which launched earlier this year in India. This will bring NJPW to over 70 million homes across the nation, a level comparable to Impact Wrestling’s potential US market on POP TV of 75 million homes. By comparison, the USA Network (home to WWE's Raw and Smackdown) is available in 96 million homes in the US.

The deal is the latest high-profile deal for a wrestling company in India    Impact Wrestling taped episodes of their weekly show on a tour in the country earlier this year and Jinder Mahal’s push in WWE has been a part of that company’s promotional strategy for India.

Beyond New Japan Pro Wrestling, DSport also currently airs Ring Of Honor and Lucha Underground in India.


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