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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-05 17:44:00

We've heard from one person backstage at Bound for Glory that they believed Jimmy Jacobs would be coming in this week for the Impact tapings and could be starting as soon as tonight at BFG.    Jacobs worked in Illinois last night for AAW, so it wouldn't be an impossible task to get to Ottawa.

There is a trailer backstage at the PPV marked "DO NOT ENTER", so they could be hiding someone backstage.

As of 4 PM today, there was still no definitive plan on Alberto el Patron's role at the PPV.  We are told that whatever his role is, it won't be a major part of the PPV.

Rosemary is backstage in facepaint, so she will be appearing in some fashion tonight.

Several WrestlePro personalities are at the event.

Brandon Tolle, who works WWNLive events regularly and is a great referee, is booked to work as an official at the PPV.

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