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By Mike Johnson on 2017-11-04 18:48:00 has confirmed with multiple sources that an email from Ed Nordholm was issued to the staff of the Impact Wrestling offices in Nashville informing them that the company is going to begin "consolidating" the office with the Anthem office in Toronto.  The email was sent out a week ago Friday.  That means the beginning of the end of the actual physical office in Nashville, although there is no timeline on that.  What this means for the office staff in Nashville remains to be seen.  It may be that some depart while others do their work from home or are even moved to Canada.  The belief among one source is that the production of the Impact series would remain in Nashville,  but that's not 100% confirmed.   The company has been slowly moving its merchandise sales to a third party fulfillment company, so that would solve the issue of how they handle orders.

Dean Broadhead, who was the company's Chief Financial Officer for many years (and was credited by many with being the person that was able to keep the company going during the tumultous time period where there were all sorts of financial issues) was let go.  It appears that happened at the end of September.

The situation with Taya Valkyrie appears to be that she would have no problem getting into Canada (where she was born) but may have an issue returning to the United States.  While she is married to John Hennigan, we were told the process to make her a permanent resident did not complete by this weekend.  With the current Presidency in the U.S., there was a concern that her return back to the United States could be complicated, so the company made the decision to yank her from the show instead of taking a chance.  Michael Elgin had a similar situation with ROH awhile back that took several weeks to resolve after he was prevented from returning to the United States from Canada even though he was married to an American citizen and had been living in the United States.  There is no heat on Taya and the company intends to use her on the January tapings.




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