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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-31 10:31:00 broke yesterday that Rockstar Spud recently received a release from Impact Wrestling.  We have since heard from multiple sources that WWE is looking to sign the British star with the idea of adding him to the 205 Live roster.  Spud was the first winner of British Boot Camp, the Impact Wrestling reality series and worked for the company in a number of roles from 2012 through earlier this year.  He's extremely versatile and would be a great pick-up.

WWE is also looking at moving Japanese star Hideo Itami up from NXT with the idea that he would join the Raw brand as a member of the Cruiserweight division, has confirmed.  The idea has been pitched several times of late and we are hearing that while there is no current debut date set, the plan is to move Itami up as soon as creative is in place.  


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