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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-23 20:08:00

As broke over the course of the day, the official lineup for the 2017 WWE Survivor Series PPV will feature:

*WWE champion Jinder Mahal vs. WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar with John Cena as the guest referee.

*Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown: Men's Elimination match

*Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown: Women's Elimination match.

*WWE Raw Women's champion Alexa Bliss vs. WWE Smackdown Women's champion Natalya.

*WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz vs. WWE United States champion Baron Corbin.

*WWE Raw Tag Team champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Smackdown Tag Team champions The Usos.

*Team Enzo vs. Team Kalisto: Cruiserweight Elimination Match

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