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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-23 10:05:00

We've had a number of readers ask how WWE was able to let Kurt Angle in the ring for the WWE TLC PPV this past weekend.

The idea for Angle to compete was first proposed internally on Thursday when WWE realized that Roman Reigns was not going to be able to compete as he had been pulled for illness.  We have been told adding Angle to the match was a Vince McMahon idea.

Sources indicate that while Angle had been previously checked out by WWE when he was initially brought back to the company, Angle was given a physical on Friday in Pittsburgh to make sure he was medically fit to compete at the PPV. 

As soon as Angle was given the thumbs up, we are told that WWE made the official announcement minutes later.  So, if it felt last minute in how the announcement was made, it literally was a "down to the wire" announcement.

We are told that as of last night, Angle being in the ring was just a one time attraction, but obviously the door is wide open for more going forward.




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