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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-15 20:03:00

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Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor's Global Wars: Chicago iPPV from the Odeum in Villa Park, IL.

 The show is available for purchase at the website as well as  the Fite App.  You can download the Fite App for free for your cell phone or mobile device by clicking here.    Fite can be streamed from your phone to Samsung smart TVs as well as Roku devices. The app is HIGHLY recommended by yours truly and is free to download as well with tons of weekly free programming, including ROH's weekly TV series.    Robbie E is doing a chat with fans throughout the iPPV as well on Fite.

The PPV opened with Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer discussing the main events for tonight.

ROH champion Cody Rhodes came out and said that a number of people in the company stopped him and thanked him, because this weekend is the highest grossing tour in ROH history.  He said he had to address a Tweet from earlier today.  He didn't say who the Tweet was from, but this was it:

Rhodes said that he thought Reigns (never mentioning him by name) must wear a tactical vest to hide drug test failures, but now he knows its to hide Reigns' envy.  He said that what they were wasn't indy wrestling, it was a club and everyone was in Bullet Club.  He said someone was going to kiss his ring tonight.  He wanted it to be Cary Silkin, but Cary, man of distinction, turned down that opportunity.  Cody instead picked a fan and said they were filming for Being the Elite and brought him into the ring.  They posed for a selfie but the fan, who was wearing a mask, ripped it off to reveal Dalton Castle and he laid out Rhodes.  The crowd loved this and chanted for Dalton.

Good opening angle and a good promo from Rhodes. 

Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser vs. Best Friends.

Young and Taylor with Taylor getting the better of the exchange.  Bruiser and Trent tagged in.  Best Friends took him down with a double shoulderblock and a series of elbows.   Some nice back and forth wrestling.  Young cut Beretta from tagging out and whipped him into the corner.  Beretta drilled him down with a kick and tagged in Taylor.  Taylor cleaned house and nailed a nice missile dropkick.  Taylor avoided Bruiser in the corner and suplexed Young into his own partner.   Taylor nailed Young with a Falcon Arrow for a two count.  Beer City Bruiser crushed Beretta but Taylor broke up the pinfall.  Lots of good action early on.

Bruiser whipped Beretta into the corner.  Beretta bumped upside down and back into the ring.  He came back with a running boot.  Beretta nailed a piledriver for a two count but Young broke up the pin.   They battled to the apron. Beretta went for a piledriver but Bruiser backdropped him on the apron. Beretta went to the floor.  Bruiser came off with a flip, crushing him n the floor.  Taylor and Young battled back and forth.  Bruiser nailed Taylor with his keg of beer as he rebouned off the ropes and Young nailed him with Misery for the pin.

Your winner, Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser!

Enjoyable opener.

Marty Scurll vs. Hiromu Takahashi.


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Both got really nice reactions coming out.  Some good back and forth wrestling as well before they faced off.  Lots of playng too the crowd.  Takahashi tried to hit a powerbomb from the apron to the floor but Scurll stomped his shoulder.  They battled on the floor with Takahashi drilling Scurll with chops before sending him into the guard rails.  Scurll faked him out on a superkick attempt and instead stomped on his hand.  He sent Takahashi into the guard rail.

He tossed Takahashi back into the ring, then grabbed Daryl the stuffed cat and acted as if he was snapping its paw, then assaulted Takahashi with the cat.  The crowd chanted "You sick f***" at this travesty.  Takahashi was worked over but continued to kick up over and over.  Scurll snapped his fingers.  Takahashi tried to mount a comeback but was cut off and drilled shoulder-first into the mat.  Lots of great counters and near falls.  Good stuff thus far.

Takahashi made a comeback and was charging Scurll when he pulled Daryl in the way.  That allowed Scurll to roll him up and put his feet on the ropes but the referee saw it and stopped it at a two count.  Takahashi then tried to do it to Scurll but again the referee saw it and stopped counting.  They began beating the hell out of each other with chops, which the crowd loved.  Takahashi nailed a superkick, stunning Scurll on the apron, the hit a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor.  Sabu would have been proud.

Scurll came back with a series of tornado DDTs, holding on and nailing another.  Scurll nailed a superkick and a big lariat.  They went back and forth until Scurll locked in the chickenwing and scored the submission.

Your winner, Marty Scurll!

Really entertaining, back and forth, hard-hitting bout. 

KUSHIDA & Cheeseburger vs. The Addiction.

KUSHIDA and Kazarian went back and forth early.  KUSHIDA nails a nice head scissors.  Daniels tagged in and is hit with a cartwheel dropkick.   Cheeseburger got involved but was quickly doubleteamed by the Addiction.   Daniels slammed him and nailed an Arabian moonsault.  The Addiction tagged in and out, wearing down Cheeseburger.  Burger was monkeyflipped out and turned that momentum into a rana on Daniels.  He tagged in KUSHIDA, who nailed a nice flip dice to the floor on Daniels.

KUSHIDA grabbed a hoverboard (Yes, from Back to the Future) and came off with a high cross bodyblock off the top for a two count on Kazarian.  KUSHIDA began unloaded with kicks.  KUSHIDA went for a handspring elbow and was caught with a lung blower.  They nailed Celebrity Rehab on KUSHIDA and....the feed froze.

I am told The Addiction scored the win.

When the stream returned, the Addiction was trying to put Cheeseburger through a table when Bully Ray hit the ring and chokeslammed Kazarian through the table.    Daniels pulled Kazarian out of the ring.  Bully checked on KUSHIDA and Cheeseburger then took the mic.  He said he wasn't planning on doing anything tonight, but you don't just pull out a table in Chicago.  

Ray said that in this very building in 1999, he and D-Von set a table on fire and put someone through it.  He said that as most of the fans know, it's "about that time."  The crowd booed and chanted "No."    He said for the first time, he has to think of himself first.  The fans chanted for him.  Ray soaked in the chants, took off his baseball cap and just acknowledged the crowd.   The fans chanted "Thank you Bully" and "Thank you Bubba."  Ray said that it doesn't get any better than that and thanked the fans.  

Ray said that he doesn't think fans understand.  He's been asked since he began his career where were his favorite places to wrestle.  He said Chicago was in the top. 


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Ray took a broken piece of table and called a kid into the ring to receive it.   He said that the boy represents every fan that he has been in front of in his whole life.  Ray said it's really hard to thank every single person, so he's going to represent every single person in the world tonight.  Ray told him "Thank you" and hugged the kid.  Then he hit him with 3D!  Just kidding!

Ray said this is the last table he will be breaking and asked the kid to hold up the piece of it high.  The kid did and then returned to the crowd.  Ray apologized if he took up too much of anyone's time.  He said he knew ROH was always a place where he would do well and said that if this is the last time he's here, he wants to than God for being able to step into a Ring of Honor ring.  

We are told the feed dying was due to a power outage in the production truck in Chicago.

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