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By HB Jones on 2017-10-14 18:24:00

EVOLVE opened up the show with Lenny Leonard and all of CatchPoint in the ring. Stokely iHathaway mmediately took the mic away from Lenny and ran down the card that has to do with Catch Point.

A new wrestler called Rayo came along with them and Stokely had his newest bodyguard Dominic Garrini wrestle Rayo in less than a minute and winning with a Kimura lock submission.

Chris Dickinson beat Jason Kincaid with the Pazuzu Bomb in a good back and forth match.  Afterwards 3 wrestlers from FIP, Drennen, Odinson and Parrow came out and attacked both wrestlers. Their entrance music played the entire time during the attack like The Gangstas in ECW used to.  They are "The End" that has been teased on the EVOLVE press releases the last few weeks. 

Note from MIke: What, you were expecting Floslam?

Austin Theory defeats Pretty Boy Flaco aka Brandon Watts with the TKO. Another good match with Watts actually getting a good amount of offense.  After the match The End come out again.  Theory and Priscilla wisely take a powder while Watts had no shot at escaping an imminent beat down and was destroyed.

Darby Allin defeats Jarek 1:20 with the Gibson lock in another good match. Allin just bumped like his usual self in this match and Jarek actually held up his end in this one, even with some fans calling him a CM Punk/Chris Hero Knock off (appearance wise).  Darby broke a piece of the guard rail taking a bump into it.   After the match, Jarek 1:20 made his escape (since he’s a magician) and Allin was left alone as everyone here in attendance earned him to get out of the ring since we all know what’s going to happen to him. And of course The End comes out.  Allin wasted no time in going for the coffin drop on them, before they event got to the ring. They give Allin the beating as expected, even powerbombing him to the chairs seated at the VIP stage and also beat up a couple of staff members (ie security, referee),

Hot Sauce Tracy Williams defeats Fred Yehi with the cross face submission in good match, although I probably expected more out of both wrestlers.   After the match, Jaka came out and called out The End to come to the ring since they attacked Dickinson from earlier.

In the best match of the night, Jaka defeats EVOLVE champion Zack Sabre Jr with the choke bomb. Non title match of course, with both wrestlers really giving it to each other back and forth in a hard hitting stuff awesome match.  Priscilla Kelly came out after when Sabre was in the ring alone and made it clear she was interested in him.  

They announced a 12/9 date at the ELMCOR Center in Elmhurst, Queens.


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Keith Lee defeats Matt Riddle in a match of the night last standing match to win the WWN title.  There were 2 spots where Matt Riddle got suplexed and getting hit with a "Horror Circus" sign that was hanging in the club above the ring. Keith Lee powerbombed him with Riddle hitting his head on the sign again.   That led to a big "F*** that sign" chant.   There was a scary spot on the ring apron outside where Riddle did a fisherman buster on Keith Lee onto the apron.   Awesome hard hitting back and forth match, with both guys not holding back with stiff shots they gave each other.  Lee hit a second rope DVDR into a jackhammer, knocking. Riddle out


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