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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-12 14:07:00

Several months ago, pro wrestling-centric drama Heels was being fast tracked by The Starz Network and ParamountTV, planned for an eight episode first season.

The one hour drama, which has been attempting to cast its lead stars for several months, is built around the story two brothers, one a babyface and the other a heel in the ring, and the struggles they have on camera and behind the scenes after the death of their father, the promoter of the Georgia-based wrestling promotion they both worked for. has learned that former WWE champion turned UFC fighter CM Punk impressed casting directors so much that he tested for the series for the role of the heel brother, Jack Spade, earlier this month.   Testing is the final step before being offered the role.

Unfortunately, has learned that after several months of casting (including at one point, hopes from producers that they would cast Henry Cavill and Jack Reynor as the leads, which did not happen), Heels has been put on hold by the producers.

It should be noted that since being announced last February, the project has been on hold several times, so it's possible that if/when it is resurrected that Punk will still be in the mix.  Currently, only a pilot script, Michael Waldron, has been written.

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