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By Paul Jordan on 2017-10-12 08:24:00

Impact released a slew of videos prior to tonight's episode on Pop:

IMPACT Arrives in Tokyo, Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH | #FirstLook IMPACT October 12th, 2017

Eli Drake March Marked A Revolution in IMPACT | #BFG2017 LIVE Sunday, November 5th on PPV

The Nex*Gen Championship Match Takes Place at AMPED Anthology Part 3 on Friday Night

The Nex*Gen Title Tournament Continues in AMPED Anthology Part 3

Jim Cornette Says There will Be Nothing Like Bound For Glory | #BFG2017 LIVE Sunday, November 5th

Garza Jr. & Johnny IMPACT Ready to Clash on Thursday Night | IMPACT Thursday, October 12th, 2017


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