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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-12 10:00:00

What happened to that documentary on Onita coming to the United States?

We are told they are in post-production.

Whatever happened to the director's cut of Barbed Wire City?

It's never happening.  The film being pirated destroyed any chance of it making a profit for the filmmakers and while they intended to do the director's cut, they are simply working on other projects that can make them more money instead.

I don't understand why PWG isn't selling downloads of BOLA or airing the shows on iPPV.  It's like they are deciding not to make money.  Do you have any insight?

Yes, I do.  We have covered this many times in the past. 

There will never be iPPVs because PWG sits in this nexus where they can book anyone they want and not have to worry about contractual issues.  Adding live iPPV to that changes the paramaters of who they can book and how they can use them.  They don't want to deal with all the red tape and stress that comes with who is under what deal, who can lose to who, etc.  They utilize Impact, ROH, Lucha Underground talents on the same shows sometimes, so it could get hairy if they wanted to put the shows on iPPV, plus the shows would end up pirated far quicker.

They sell the shows via DVD and Blu-Ray for a time period because they realize if they sell the downloads, they are going to end up on torrent sites and illegal stream sites and there will be a segment of the audience who watch it there and don't pay.  Fans are still willing to pay for the content on DVD at so as long as PWG can make their money that way, they are going to chase that revenue stream.   

Who do you want to see as the next female member of the WWE Hall of Fame?

Molly Holly is at the top of my list.

Why did Super Delphin never wrestle for WWE?  You'd think Great Sasuke would have brought him to ECW with the rest of Michinoku Pro.

I have been told in the past that Delphin had a fear of flying, so if that's indeed the case, I don't think a flight to the United States from Japan would be high on his list of happy adventures.

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