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By Mike Johnson on 2017-10-10 09:17:00

Tommy Dreamer officially announced that his promotion, House of Hardcore, has signed a deal to bring regular, weekly content to streaming content provider Twitch.  The promotion will be airing live streams of many of their events as well as a regular TV series (the format of which has not be finalized as of this writing) on Twitch: 

, where there will be a specific channel dedicated to HOH programming.  Twitch is available via Desktop, iPhone, Android, NVIDIA SHIELD, Xbox One, Playstation, Xbox, Chromecast and Amazon FireTV.

The deal was actually signed several weeks ago with the plan being to announce it last Monday, but after the tragedy in Las Vegas, Dreamer felt it was disrespectful to announce it and waited a week.  He officially announced the deal during a live stream press conference that took place during the New York Comic Con several days ago.  An official press release will be coming.

Dreamer has been waiting for the right platform for the promotion and with the Twitch deal, the plan is to release a weekly House of Hardcore TV show (the day the show will air is still being decided) that will allow HOH to transition from being a promotion running different house shows to more of a storyline-oriented promotion.  There are already plans to begin building to the coronation of the first House of Hardcore champions next year.

The plan is to live stream the 11/18 Philadelphia, PA return at the 2300 Arena and the 12/2 return to Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The 11/17 Long Island, NY event will be filmed, but will not streamed live.  The plan is to announce the lineups for all of the remaining 2017 events today.

With the deal, Dreamer will also be running HOH events more often, including the first-ever HOH event in New Orleans over Wrestlemania 34 weekend.  That was been something Dreamer has always been personally against, noting he would prefer to just "give WWE their weekend", but with the Twitch opportunity, he is finally giving in to the annual requests he's received to have a show as part of the Mania festivities.

Dreamer will also be signing wrestlers to contracts.  The current plan is not to lock anyone in to long-form deals but to contractually hold them to a series of dates in order to protect the sanctity of the weekly storylines and to insure that they are able to utilize everyone to their fullest extent. 

House of Hardcore just celebrated the fifth anniversary of its debut event on 10/6.

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