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By Dave Scherer on 2017-10-11 10:00:00

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Lesnar/Strowman : Sooo weak! That match was not what I was hoping for, and that finish..what a waste! Not only was it unbelievable that Strowman would go down after one move, but that move was so WEAK! I know Strowman is heavy, but come on, at least make it look like it could hurt!  Where do they take Strowman now?

Well, it appears that he will destroy the tag champs to get his heat back, which is ridiculous.  It is Sunday as I type this, but as I say all of the time when Creative doesn’t protect the talent, it leads to apathy overall.  They took a guy in Strowman, who the fans believed in, and hurt him a lot having him lose that easily to Lesnar.  He can’t just get that back.  It definitely hurt him in the eyes of the fans.

Like a lot of people, I've become very bored by Brock Lesnar's in ring work.  99% of his offense is German suplexes.  The match at No Mercy with Stroman sucked.  Why is he so limited?  Is it him or is he told to wrestle that way?  I don't recall him being that limited in his initial WWE run.  Simply using more types of Suplexes would suffice.  Thoughts?

He isn’t limited that I have heard, he is working the kinds of matches that Creative wants him to work.  They love him being superhuman, I am thinking so that when Roman Reigns beats him, RR will get the rub. I think it’s a foolish strategy.

Since we're getting closer to Survivor Series and the Road to Wrestlemania, do you think we might see a return of HHH to help Shane beat Owens? With this feud between KO and Shane, every member of the McMahon family has been on tv (not counting Linda) except HHH. He helps Shane win, the loss doesn't hurt KO because of interference, and it starts what could be an amazing feud between HHH and KO. Thoughts...

I wouldn’t be against it, but given that HHH is older now, he has fallen into the attraction mode that WWE has with its older superstars.  I think they will save him for WrestleMania season.  I would if it were my call.

Since the WWE is a publicly trade business would it be possible for one person to buy a large portion of the company and take some control away from Vince?

At present, no.  The McMahon family owns the voting stock so no one can take control of the company away from them.  They would have to agree to sell it to a buyer in order for it to happen.

Now that Jeff Jarrett's "Buy my company" plan didn't work what's left for Jarrett to do? Stick to Indies? Hopefully learn that the fact he was forced to take a leave of absence from his own company, again (second time in a row in fact) has made the company better overall and if he does return he'd better keep his attitude in check? What do you think?

The rebranding of TNA to GFW by Anthem was a ridiculous move.  They took a product that they bought and owned and rebranded it as something that they didn’t own.  Then they announced that they bought it, except they didn’t.  It was ridiculous, it really was.  Jarrett made a lot of mistakes when he took over, for sure.  His creative ideas have largely failed.  Telling the viewers that the old product sucked and the new team was there to make it great again was insulting to the fans.  They had been watching, and liking, the product that Jarrett and company said sucked.  That is just a dumb way to present Impact.  It seemed like he wanted to undo everything the old regime did instead of building on it and improving the brand and product.  It was one of his big mistakes.  But Anthem’s management made a lot of them as well.  With that said, they have the money and Jarrett was the employee.  I don’t know what will be out there for him if he doesn’t return to Impact.  He’s fifty years old.  Indies aren’t exactly a way to make a great living when you are that age.  WWE doesn’t seem to have any interest in him (as he has been available for years and never gone).  ROH doesn’t seem to either.  So yes, if he gets back to Impact he had better be the best employee he can be.

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