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By Cory Strode on 2017-09-30 13:20:00

This week's Impact is Victory Road with three title matches including a main event of Johnny Nitro vs Eli Drake, so we start with a recap of their issues over the last few weeks.

Not a lot of jibber jabber this week, it's right to our first match.  We get a recap of the issue between these two, and the story of the match is going to be that Impact Original Petey Williams is out for the gold

Petey Williams vs X-Division Champion Trevor Lee with Caleb Konley at ringside

The match starts fast with Petey Williams doing a hurricanrana from inside the ring onto Lee, which gave the match a big start.  Once they get back in the ring, Lee is dominant with John Matthews pushing that he is highly intelligent with an IQ of over 150.  Williams is able to get in a kick that sets up for the Canadian Destroyer, but we don't get that move as Caleb grabs the referee and pulls him out of the ring.

The ref is ready to disqualify Lee, but Peter begs him not to.,  Instead, the ref sends Caleb to the back and Lee takes the opportunity to nail Petey with the belt.  The ref gives a two count, but Petey gets a shoulder up JUST IN TIME!  They battle until Lee tosses Petey into the ropes, clothesline and then a leaping stomp for the pin.

Winner and still X-Division champion, Trevor Lee.

A solid match showing Trevor Lee's skills and that he is able to beat a veteran, while Williams got in enough offense to look strong.   

Our next match is Taryn, Taya and Knockouts Champion Sienna vs Allie, Rosemary and Gail Kim

We get a recap of last week, and it sets up a simple heels vs baby faces story, ad there doesn't seem to be anything beyond that.

Each woman gets her full entrance, with the heels coming out first and the baby faces following.  The announcers let us know that everyone in the match except Taya have been champions, but that Taya has been dominating her matches so far on Impact.

The match starts with Rosemary vs Taryn, and Rosemary dominates the opening with Taryn getting in next to no offense.  Gail Kim is tagged in and it's the same story, until Taya is able to get in the ring.  From this  point, the heels are tagging quickly with Gail playing the babyface in peril as all of the heel get in their moves.  As Taryn is getting in her moves, Gail is able to get the hot tag, bringing in Allie, so now everyone has made it into the match, so things break down for a short time.  

Sienna tags in and when Allie messes up Sliced Bread, she gets the pin with her feet on the ropes.

Your winners:  Taryn, Taya and Knockouts Champion Sienna 

Not much story here, just a match where everyone got in their stuff with an ending that shows the champion is strong.  

Eli gives a promo where he states he is keeping the title.

It's time to check in with Grado as he works for Park, Park and Park associates.  It's a fancy restaurant where Grado is in his gear, so it obviously has a very loose dress policy and is not a Jacket Required place.  Joseph Park shows up and gives Grado is first royalty check, and Grado thanks him.  Joseph gets a call and has to leave and Grado takes a look at his check and through his mugging we are supposed to get the idea that there's not a lot of money there and Grado is stuck with a big bill.

It might have worked if they'd ordered an expensive meal or something, but as is, it fell flat and makes me wonder how long Grado will be shown to be a doofus until he fights Abyss.

Johnny Impact shows up on Mackenzie's set and mocks that the furniture used to be Eli Drake's.  His promo is how he will win the title tonight and he's cocky and smarmy about it.  

We're back in the ring and James Storm is here to give a promo and has the crowd get up and chant GFW.  AND since Impact technically doesn't own the name, does that mean they have a pay a royalty to Jarrett?  Will it be used in court?  Does anyone think that people would chant GFW without being told to?  Storm announces he will fight ANYONE in Triple A.

Trejano Jr and Phantasmo come to the ring and oblige him and start to beat the ever lovin' crap out of him.  What will happen?  EC3 comes to the ring for the save, following up on the uneasy alliance from last week and together, they are able to clear the ring.  The announcers fill us in that they have had issues going back to their previous feud, so it's a Big Damn Deal when James Storm holds out his hand for EC3 to shake.

EC3 blows him off, starts to get out of the ring, but the piped in crowd noise is cheering for it to happen, so he pauses on the ring apron.  He pauses for effect, comes back in the ring and they shake hands!  ALL IS FORGIVEN!!  

After the commercial break, they are in the back with Jim Cornette who gives them a tag team match Next Week in that very ring!

It's time for the third installment of Global Forged, and Scott D’Amore calls the three people who will come to Nashville to compete for 7 weeks, and if Impact still exists, they will win a contract with GFW, Um...OK, Impact Wrestling!  They all accept and are excited about the opportunity.

It's time for the next recap and we see what happened between OVE and LAX at the strip club last week.  Thank goodness we get the footage of the women grinding against OVE last week, since they can now claim it as a “business expense.”  

OVE vs Tag Team Champions LAX.

OVE is first to the ring, and as LAX comes out, OVE attacks them.  It's bedlam and the bell hasn't even rung yet!  

We get the bell and it's Santana and Dave Crist in the rig as Ortiz and Jake Crist battle outside the ring.  Santana is dominating the fight in the ring as we go to break, and when we get back from break, things are calmer with Ortiz fighting with Dave and their partners are in their corners, waiting for the tag.  They battle for bit until Dave is tagged into the ring.

They fight back and forth until Ortiz is able to pull off a Death Valley Driver using Jake to hit Dave in a brutal move.  LAX double teams and dominates for a short bit, but when Jake and Santana battle outside the ring, Dave hits the Square and Compass DDT on Ortiz for the win.

Your winners and NEW Tag Team Champions, OVE! 

Fast paced match with less brawling that I would have expected. Both teams looked good, neither one dominated for very long.  

It's time to check in with Bobby Lashley who is training for MMA and he says he's leaving wrestling behind.  His crew and trainer say he has to concentrate on MMA as he's reaching an age where he needs to concentrate on one or the other.  I am sure this means Bobby Lashley is done with Impact, or they wouldn't spend so much time showing him leaving it behind without a payoff with Bound For Glory coming.

Oh, and did you know Bound For Glory tickets are on sale?  They been in great cities like Tokyo, Orlando, and others and now they are in Ottawa!  Be there!  It's the biggest PPV of the year!!

As Eli Drake heads to the ring, Chris Adonis is with him.  It's time for our main event!

Johnny Nitro vs GFW Champion Eli Drake with Chris Adonis

As the match starts, Johnny is able to batter Eli around the ring, tossing him into the ropes, hitting big moves and generally showing that he's going to fly around the ring and keep up a fast pace.  Eli is able to throw an elbow in order to take control and slows down the pace.  When Eli gets tossed to the outside, Adonis interferes in front of the referee and is toss out! 

He's outta here!  He takes a LONG time going to the back as the crowd sings “Goodbye”.  Eli decides the match isn't worth it now that he doesn't have backup and leaves the ring to go tot he back.

Not.  So. Fast as Johnny heads after him and suplexes him on the ramp.  They both sell that it was the most painful thing in the entire night.  When they get back in the ring, Eli is once again dominating after tossing Johnny into the ring steps.  In the ring, Eli gets in a lot of ground based attacks and not letting Johnny gain any momentum until Johnny hit Spanish Fly out of nowhere for a 2 count.

As they get back to fighting, Eli accidentally takes out the referee with a clothesline.  As is the way fo things, Johnny is then able to hit a move for the pin, no ref and the croud counts shyowing Johnny would have won.  Taking advantage of the ref who has tossed him out being down, Adonis returns to the ring and the shenanigans begin.  

Johnny is distracted by Adonis being back and Eli takes advantage to hit Johnny with the title belt.  As a second referee comes to the ring, Eli deliberately knocks him out as well.  Wiht no referee, Eli and Adonis double team Johnny.  This leads to Adonis holding Johnny as Eli is prepping to hit Johnny with the title belt again.

Say it with me, friends, Johnny ducks and Eli nails Adonis with the title belt!  Johnny is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker on Eli, which helps the first referee to wake up and count one, two, Eli gets the shoulder up at the last second!

They battle and Johnny Nitro is up on the top rope for the Countdown to Impact, and Eli recovers enough to knock the referee into the ropes, causing Johnny to miss.  Eli hits a kick to the crotch while the ref is recovering and then nail;s Johnny with Gravy Train for the pin.

Your Winner and still champion, Eli Drake!

Wait, there's still time left in the show.  There is a post match beat down, and Garza Jr comes out for the save, which brings out LAX.  The battle continues as Conan is at ringside jawing with a “fan” who gets piefaced for daring to speak to Conan.  Now we have referees and officials coming out to stop the chaos when in the ring, Adonis slaps a full nelson on a referee and Jim Cornette comes out to get on the apron and yell at every body!

We close Victory Road with Eli Drake holding the title over a beaten Johnny Impact.

Next week, we get James Storm and EC3 vs Texano and Phantsmo, probably another episode of what a chump Grado is, Global Forged where we get two to three minutes to show the new people in their tryouts and much, much more!

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